Your Maximize Church Sunday Service...

image3No matter how good or how tough the week has been each Sunday at 6:00PM we lay everything aside and come into God's House to focus on what really matters in life - GOD! The service commences with contemporary worship by the MaxiWorship team and then continues into a time of encouragement and equipping in God's Word for the week ahead. There's a special time set aside for your children at MaxiKids - it's a time that they're really going to love. Following the service we have light refreshment available in the community hall so we can  fellowship and get to know each other a little better.
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A Maximized World is a Larger World...

image3Proverbs 11:24-25 says that "The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped."
Maximize people are generous people who live a blessed life helping others. You can join us on this journey by making a financial gift to this Church. Every gift helps build the lives of others and has eternal fruits & rewards attached to it. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your life by clicking on the link & building the lives of others.


MaxiGroups are a little more relaxed, a little more laid back and a little more intimate. They're where Maximize people gather and connect, in their homes, to discover even more from God's Word. They're simple to get to because they're located in many different areas around Sydney. Once you find the MaxiGroup that you like you'll wonder how you did life without these amazing people. As we connecting with other believer and stand together in faith we'll see greater things happen as lives are built solidly by God's Word. You'll develop some great friendships at MaxiGroups too. They'll help keep you strong on life's journey ahead. 

Maxi Catchup & Pocasts...

image3This is where you find all the Maximize Church teachings archived in one place that is easy to access. It's FREE to listen on-line or you can download the teaching for FREE to listen to later. The accompanying sermon notes are also FREE so why not download a copy and use them for your home group or personal study. There's a new teaching available here every week so make sure you check back often and keep up with what God is saying through His Church Today!
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Family Sunday...

image3  FAMILY SUNDAYS. This is a special time we set aside to gather together & celebrate everything that God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. It's a time where the whole Church gets involved including MaxiKids, MaxiWorship, MaxiCollege and all our MaxiGroups in one place. Family Sunday is full of creativity and has lots & lots of energy. It's great fun for the whole family no matter what their ages. Family Sunday's are the perfect time to visit Maximize Church and get to know some new people. You'll quickly discover exactly what Maximize Church is about and why so many people love to fellowship, cultivate a flourishing life and call Maximize Church their home.


image3MaxiWorship is a passionate, on fire team of believers who are hungry for God and know how to worship Him in spirit and truth! MaxiWorshipers reflect Jesus through their music, lyrics and actions. They're always dancing and expressing themselves with Godly boldness and confidence. They love to serve & lead people into an atmosphere of Gods glory where the Holy Spirit moves freely, destroying yokes of bondage and setting people free. The team understand it is both a responsibility and a privilege to usher people into the amazing presence of God so they allow their love and hunger for Jesus to be shared with everyone as they minister.


image3Maximize College helps you discover your calling in Christ Jesus and prepares you to flourish in it. We endeavor to equip students with the anointing, the Word and the character of God. Our aim is to release each one to walk in Daniel 11:32 “The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” Bible Colleges have been used by God for over 2000 years to equip and empower believers into becoming all that God calls them to be [Acts 19:9-10] Maximize College is held each Sunday evenings from 6:30 - 9:00 PM. If you're wanting more of God then it's time for you to discover how to REACH – TEACH - RELEASE so your life can be changed eternally.

MY// MaxiYouth...

M.Y. gets together on the THIRD SUNDAY EVENING OF EACH MONTH at 6:30pm
An M.Y. night is where it all happens with all walks of life coming together to expect an encounter with God.
At M.Y. you’ll hear God’s Word in a vibrant atmosphere that is set by the Holy Spirit.
We’d love to see you as we do this journey of life together.
A life that flourishes can begin for you at an M.Y. Night


image3This is a special time set aside for us to gather & pray specifically for Maximize Church, it's leaders, congregation, outreaches and for the vision that God has set ahead of us. It is never a quiet or boring prayer meeting. We battle in the heavens for all that God has promised and fight for the souls of people coming into His Kingdom. We continually stand on God's promise of "Greater things to come" and, as we do this, we know Maximize Church is fulfilling its call to be known as a House of prayer!

City Prayer...

image3This is Maximize Churches prayer outreach to the City of Sydney - the gateway to our Nation. City Prayer is open to Christian believer from any congregation. There are no denominational walls or barriers at City Prayer. We enable an atmosphere of unity in prayer so that we can intercede over the 3 key arenas of influence in a region. These are 1 - Our homes, 2 - Our Church & 3 - Our City. As we pray these areas change and our Nation will flourish once again. We ask you to come along, bring family and friends for