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Water Damage…

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Matthew 21:21 “…if you have faith and do not doubt…” [NKJV]

Doubt causes delay in our lives. It is a much-loved weapon of the devil and a deception from the enemy. It is used as a destructive tool to stop us from walking in overcoming faith. Now, overcoming faith is what the bible describes in Hebrews 11 “By Faith” these great men and women of God overcame every impossible situation. “By Faith” you and I can overcome in exactly the same way!

Doubt gets into our life and minds like slowly seeping water. What was a damp spot yesterday is now a pool today and will be a raging river by next week. This is why Jesus says to have faith and do not doubt. Doubt in any quantity is very destructive.

At times in life we can come to a point of weariness in fighting our doubt battles. When we feel like this it is prime time to grab a hold of the following faith keys so that we do not succumb to the enemies plan.

  • God has heard your prayer
  • Your answer is on the way
  • Keep doubt out
  • Always keep going no matter what it looks like
  • Obey God
  • Follow His instructions

This week choose to activate these 6 vital keys in your life. Print them out and stick them to your bathroom mirror so that they are the first things you see each morning. They will help you to fight the good fight of faith and apprehend your victory in Jesus.

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From cleansed to whole…

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“And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Luke 17:19 [KJV]

In Luke 17 we find that 10 lepers cried out to Jesus and they became clean. However only 1of the 10 came back to Jesus and THANKED Him.

In the Word of God, leprosy represents sin. Jesus cleanses us from all sin but there is so much more He has won for us! The man who thanked Jesus not only received cleansing from leprosy, salvation… he was also RESTORED to health and made WHOLE!

Jesus gave His all so we might be RESTORED to health and made WHOLE… Spirit, Soul and Body. Jesus did not owe us anything and yet He gave us His all that we might receive His all – not some of Himself – all of Himself! Don’t ever settle for less than all you can have in Jesus. What a magnificent God we serve… all Glory to Jesus!

As we take the time to return and say, “Thank you” we move from cleansed to restored and whole… it is so powerful to have a thankful heart!

Make a life habit of thanking Jesus and those who help you... it will move YOU from cleansed to whole in Jesus!

Christmas is a great time for us to make a fresh commitment to keep a heart attitude that nobody owes us anything and when we receive gifts, kindness, time, support, love… whatever another gives… we will return to say THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas Friends as we thank heaven for the greatest gift of all… Jesus!

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A present for you…

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1Peter 1:13 “So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that’s coming when Jesus arrives”[MSG]

This week keep at the very front of your mind that Jesus is coming back!!! Not only is He coming back but He is also bringing a gift for YOU!!!

Now we all love receiving a gift. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or a coming of age celebration… we love getting the gift. Now think for a moment, what was the best gift you ever received? Well, it is going to pale into insignificance compared to the gift that Jesus is bringing when he arrives.

In the same way that we wait for our gifts at birthdays, Christmas, weddings or coming of age celebrations, we are to be waiting for Jesus to arrive with our gift from Him. While we are waiting we’re told to do 3 things…

1) Be Prepared – ‘Roll up our sleeves’
2) Be Focused – ‘Put our mind in gear’
3) Be Expectant – ‘Be totally ready to receive the gift’

Now this may sound easy but so many things on Earth fight at these 3 things. They try to rob us of the gift that is coming. Everything around us craves our energy, our focus and our reward. You and I are in a fight, a war, but we have been equipped to win. We can fight with confidence and receive our gift from Jesus by being prepared, focused & expectant.

This week stay in this zone of being prepared, focused and expectant so you can receive your gift when Jesus arrives in the centre of your world!

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God’s Army…

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2 Timothy 2:4 “Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.” [NLT]

The bible has many rich lessons on how to successfully serve Jesus with our lives. This verse tells us that a soldier does not get tied up or intertwined with the things of day-to-day life. So much happens everyday that it is easy for us to give control over to these circumstances and allow the vines of life to choke the very breath out of us. This is not what Jesus wants from His soldiers.

A nations army takes great care of its soldiers. They take care of the daily needs of their troops so their soldiers can focus on what is needed from them to apprehend victory in the battle. If a soldier did get tied up in the day-to-day affairs and cares of life then he would not be able to please the one who enlisted him and victory would be almost impossible. How much more does God take care of His soldiers? You and I are His soldiers; He is taking care of our daily needs and cares so we can please Christ Jesus who enlisted us.

There are so many daily cares that can try to hold us and tie us down. All these things have little eternal value. When we are chosen as one of Christ’s soldiers we must lay aside all these weights so we can effectively war with Christ on this journey. Eternity is always our target, the temporal is preparation and the journey is a constant process of moving forward. Keep moving forward!

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