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Remember Me…

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1 Chronicles 16:15 “REMEMBER his covenant forever–the commitment he made to a thousand generations.” [NLT]

Today, more than ever, we are to REMEMBER to fill our mind with God’s Word. Our memory is to be overflowing with His covenant, which are His promises.  This is because God’s promises are eternal. They will exist forever, all the way through eternity. When we REMEMBER His eternal promises and speak of them we have God’s commitment, His undertaking, that they will be fulfilled in our life.

How do we know this to be true? This verse tells us that God made a commitment to a thousand generations. That is over 20,000 years of commitment from God. It is a very long time. The exciting thing about this is that we live in this 20,000 year time period. This means God has committed to keeping His promises with you and with me NOW! We just need to do one thing… REMEMBER His covenant.

This week REMEMBER God’s promises, His covenant. Let them work through your mind and out of your mouth. They will fill your life and release eternal fruit!

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The Storm Advantage…

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Psalm 107:29 “He hushes the STORM to a calm and to a gentle whisper, so that the waves of the sea are STILL.” [AMP]

Are there STORMS against your life at the moment?
Have STORMS ever battered and surged against everything you know and believe?

One thing is for sure… God knows exactly what to do with STORMS! This is part of who He is and His promise toward us.

God says He will hush the STORM to a calm, then down to a gentle whisper and then He finalizes it to STILLNESS. A storm does not instantly change from fury to a calm sea… it is always a process! The three steps from our key verse show us the road to peace in the storms of our life… first the calm, then the gentle whisper and finally the STILL.

A real lifesaver to surviving the many storms of life is simple but true… don’t follow them! Instead follow the calm and the PEACE. If you follow the storms in life you will never have PEACE. But when you follow God’s calm He will lead you to stillness and peace. God’s presence is in this calm and we must follow Him to live in peace.

God Himself invites you to follow His PEACE and allow him to calm and STILL the storms of life… You’ll be glad you did!

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You Are No Grasshopper…

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Numbers 13:33 “There we saw the giants… and we were like grasshoppers IN OUR OWN SIGHT, and so we were in their sight.” [NKJV]

The best kept secret to victory! Twelve spies went to check out their Promised Land. All of the 12 spies were from the same nation; all of the 12 were a part God’s chosen people. Upon their return, only 2 had good reports, the other 10 had bad reports. These 10 spies had an image problem. They SAW THEMSELVES as insignificant grasshoppers and that is also how their enemy saw them!

Think about it… if they had instead seen themselves as God saw them, just like Joshua and Caleb did, then their enemy would have viewed them as strong and mighty victors too. The enemy would have fled from the Promised Land and they all could have moved in.

The truth is… how you see yourself will affect how others see you too. We must always choose to see ourselves as GOD sees us!

Take a GIANT step today and see yourself as…

  • Prosperous and bountiful…
  • Debt free and liberated…
  • Valuable and treasured…
  • Healthy and full of energy…
  • Fulfilling God’s call on your life…
  • Living in your Promised Land!

You’ve got an important decision to make… how do you see yourself? Are you seeing YOU as God sees YOU? If not make the change today and believe in yourself because God believes in you!


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Turn Your Dream Into Reality…

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Ecclesiastes 5:3 “For dreams result from much WORK and a fool’s voice from many words.” [HCSB]

How do you want to be known? Our world is filled with talkers. Some people can talk endlessly about their dream but that’s it… they only talk! They never do the hard WORK needed to make their dream a reality. They just talk about it and hope someone else will build it for them. The bible calls them fools. No matter what our dream is… God’s word is clear that it will only bring results through hard WORK.

When we WORK hard towards our dream it will produce for us and it will please us. The dream God has placed in your heart is very precious. He placed it there for YOU to work on. This dream is significant and the time is NOW to make it happen!

The truth is that every day God wants you to do something active and positive to move towards your dream. It may be a major thing or a minor thing; it doesn’t really matter as long as you do something, every day, to move closer.

Remember… Preparation time is NEVER lost time! So maximize the resource of your free time, your preparation time and invest it into your dream today!

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