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Three Gifts for You…

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Isaiah 51:11 “Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.” [KJV]

I love a good song. There is nothing like singing out loud to our God. Even if it doesn’t sound perfect to us it is received into the very throne room of heaven as a sacrifice of praise.

This is where our verse fits in.  Because we have been redeemed by Jesus we should be singing God’s praises right into His throne room.  Even if we are in the middle of a trial, God wants us there singing.

As we do this we receive 3 magnificent gifts back from God:

  1. Everlasting Joy
  2. Gladness and Joy
  3. Sorrow and Mourning flee

The key to receiving these gifts is very simple. Just stand in your redemption. How you ask?  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Say it, sing it and declare it today!

So if you want everlasting joy, gladness, sorrow and mouring to flee… simply say out loud that you are redeemed of the Lord. These words will carry to heaven as a song of praise and you will receive God’s glorious gifts.

3 Gifts for you

3 Gifts for you

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Turbocharge Your Prayer

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Jude 1:20 “But you, dear friends, carefully build yourselves up in this most holy faith by praying in the holy Spirit.” [MSG]

Every single one of us is on an earth journey that will involve times of spiritual attacks from the enemy. God wants us to overcome and not buckle under during these attacks.

When we receive Jesus He gives us the full armour of God but this is only the beginning. Our training is always ongoing. God wants us to become elite athletes in the realm of the spirit.

This is where our verse fits in.  God says we are to carefully build ourselves up by praying in the Holy Spirit.  Praying in the Holy Spirit means praying in our heavenly language – speaking in tongues. It’s a gift for all believers in Jesus Christ!

As we pray in our heavenly language we make our spirit strong.  This helps us to hear the voice of God more clearly and release a divine flow of strength from heaven to help us.

When we pray in our heavenly language we are praying the mind of the Holy Spirit over our situation and God’s answer comes forth.  We have done this many times in our lives and God’s Spirit has never failed.

Build your spirit strong… Pray in the Holy Spirit today!

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Wild Excitement…

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Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore let us also, seeing we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” [WEB]

Do you remember the foot races at school? It was always easier to finish when our team was cheering us on. Whenever we feel supported we naturally feel better and achieve more.

Our verse today reminds us that we have awe-inspiring support in a great cloud of witnesses. They are there just for us and as they cheer… we win! Today they are roaring, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD – KEEP GOING!”

As you can see our victory comes from what we do with this support. God wants us to discard every weight and every clinging sin holding us back… they are too heavy for us anyway.  By dropping them we obtain the freedom to run our race.

Why wait another day?  Lets discard any discouragement; past failure or weighty sin that slows us down… leave them beside the track. As we do this the cloud of witnesses will go wild with excitement. We will MOVE FASTER AND SEE CLEARER than ever before. Our heavenly supporters will wildly cheer us on to the finishing line!

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Activated Faith…

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2 Corinthians 4:13 “And since we have the same spirit of FAITH, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke” we also believe and therefore speak.” (NKJV)

When we are shocked or surprised we become speechless.  Fact: God does not want us stuck with nothing to say! You see our words are designed to become extremely powerful when used in agreement with God’s Word.

Let’s take a closer look… this verse shows us that FAITH is simple.  FAITH is to believe AND SPEAK God’s word. When we do this God says we have the spirit of FAITH.

Here is how to active FAITH:
Hear the Word + Believe the word + Speak the word = Activated FAITH

As you can see to move in FAITH involves all of these ingredients working together. We believe therefore we speak it out aloud.  As we do this, FAITH is activated. The result? Things that were not become things that are. Before we know it we are seeing God’s promises fulfilled – How exciting!!!

Do it now… activate FAITH by hearing, believing and speaking God’s Word. Use activated FAITH on your most desperate situations. Watch how quickly they turn around and line up with God’s Word. It really works!!!

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