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Tell Me Again…

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John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have perfect peace and confidence”

When we attended school many lessons were taught by repetition. Whether it was spelling, multiplication tables or bible verses the goal was to remember them. Jesus used repetition as well. He repeated truths because He wanted us to remember them. One of these truths was peace.

This world is a place of tribulation, trials, distress and frustration. Jesus states that He has restored peace by conquering the world and depriving it of any power to harm us. Not only that, He passed on this peace as an inheritance. When we inherit peace from Jesus our life becomes very different. We apprehend a life full of good cheer, courage and confidence.

In the week ahead lets actively accept peace as our inheritance. When any tribulation, trial, distress or frustration attacks us lets stop for a moment, take a long deep breath and consider the perfect peace that Jesus provided.

Remember, He conquered the world and deprived it of any power to harm us. We have absolute right to this peace every day. It is a powerful and vital part of our inheritance so lets accept it, activate it and never forget it!

PS: In the past we sent an Encouragement called “Inheriting Peace.” You can read it again on our blog at: It will help you understand how to receive the peace of Jesus into your life.

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Never Give Up…

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2 Corinthians 4:16 “So we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace.”

Have you ever taken a new shirt out of its packet, unfolded it and then tried to get it back in the original packaging? You soon discover that once unfolded it is virtually impossible to return it to its original state.

Grace works in a similar way. As we allow it to unfold, our life changes. Through it we discover that we can never be the same again. Grace keeps unfolding to such a degree that even our old desires and ways are consumed. As grace continues its expansion we soon find that we no longer fit in our old life packet. Praise God!

So, lets have a fresh God Encounter this week by allowing grace to unfold in our lives. The old life packet will soon fall apart revealing a new life marked by grace. Each day allow grace to unfold a little more. Soon we’ll discover that our past has gone and our future is overflowing with His grace. Our new life of grace will cause us to no longer want to give up. We will be able to say, just like Paul the Apostle, “We’re not giving up. How could we!”

Have a great week ahead!

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Healing Jesus…

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Philippians 2:9 “Because of this, God has also greatly exalted him and he has given him The Name which is greater than all names…”

Today, I sit writing this email in a medical library. There are hundreds of thousands of books stacked on row after row of shelves. They are all filled with information about sickness, disease and infirmities. They cover being unwell in the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

Now, remember that Adam was entrusted by God to name His creations in Genesis 2. Ever since then mankind has given names to everything they discover. Nothing exists that we will not name. So, as I survey this library of books filled with words, I laugh to myself. We have just one word, one name that is above all the multiplied millions of ailments named. We have the name of Jesus!

This is the truth of the GOOD NEWS of the gospel. EVERY knee must bow to the name of Jesus. Every sickness, disease or infirmities must admit defeat. Jesus has already won the victory over them. The battle is already finished!

Are you ready to prepare for a victorious week? We need to take this GOOD NEWS and wage war with it. Lets speak the faith filled name of Jesus against whatever ails us, never taking “no” for an answer. We’ll be staring victory in the face before we know it.

Remember that we continue in pray for you daily. We know that God’s best is pursuing you into your future.

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It’s Never Impossible…

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Luke 9:13 But Jesus said, “You feed them…”

I just love Jesus! He gives such clear instruction. In this instance the disciples thought He was telling them to do something impossible. In reality Jesus had told them to do something that was difficult but not impossible. Jesus never asks us to do anything that is impossible.

So, Jesus demonstrated exactly how to have victory over a difficult task…

  1. He took what was available
  2. He put His trust in heaven as His source
  3. Prayed & commanded Blessing on what was in his hands

The result was that the little He held was multiplied and became more than enough to complete the task. It was a difficult task but it was not impossible.

It is easy for us to feel challenged by God’s Word and what it tells us to do. The fact is it may be difficult but it is never impossible.

When we feel this way we are to do as Jesus did…

  1. Take what is available
  2. Put our trust in Him as our source
  3. Pray & command Blessing on what we have

The result will be multiplication to achieve the task. We will have more than enough to complete it. Remember it may seem difficult but it will never be impossible.

Why not apply this truth in our lives from today on. I believe we will begin to see the miraculous take place and we will discover that nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God!

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Close the Gate…

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1 Corinthians 13:1 “If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.”

We can all remember the squeak that an old garden gate made or the sound of the creak & slam of the derelict screen door on an old house. We often remember these familiar sounds for a long time. Other strong memories may include a kind and helpful teacher or the person who helped us when no one else would.

Today’s verse helps us to see what actions bring divine value to our life. The key here is “love”. This word comes from the Greek “agape”. This is the type of love that is unconditional and unbounded by anything – it is the type of love God shows to us. It is the type of love God wants us to show to each other.

It doesn’t matter how well we speak of others or how passionate our words are towards them. If we don’t unconditionally love them we sound like that squeaking gate every time we open our mouth. Remember we cannot fool God. His ear is listening for the sweet sound of love every time we speak. He doesn’t want to hear the sound of that loveless gate squeaking again.

Challenge yourself this week to allow the Holy Spirit to invest a new deposit of agape love into your life. Open your Bible and get into God’s Word. The Word will help wash away past offenses and hurt that you may carry. It will be like putting oil on that rusty hinge. The new sound that God hears is sure to bring pleasure to His ears.

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