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Your Bag Drop…

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Philippians 3:13 “…but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead”

Whenever we fly it’s always a great feeling to drop the heavy bags off at the check-in. Once this is done we are free to move around and focus on what we want to do next. We really don’t give our luggage a second thought – we have left it where it belongs.

In this verse Paul tells us exactly how he navigates life. He drops off all the baggage of his past and then forgets about it. Paul does one thing… he focuses on his future. The reality is that you and I cannot change our past but we can build a great future in Jesus.

In reality, it’s almost impossible to advance trying to carry all the heavy bags from our past. Bags of hurt, shame, error and abuse are too heavy for us to move. We must give them to Jesus and make Him the “baggage counter” of our life. As we leave our luggage with Him, and forget about it, we can move easily into our future.

This week why not go to Jesus and check-in all the heavy bags of your past. Then forget about them, they are where they belong. You will be free to look forward to a fantastic future. Set your focus on it and before long you’ll be experiencing a new freedom in Jesus like never before!

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1 Samuel 30:6 “But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.”

We all love life when it’s going well. As people believe in and encourage us we advance easily. In these seasons we often feel that we could take on anything and win. On the other hand, when life is less encouraging, our progress can be a little more difficult to achieve.

David held a key to making progress through the less encouraging seasons of life. Our verse takes place when David was in distress and about to be stoned by his own people. It says that he “encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.” In other words David became his own personal cheerleader of God in his life.

In some seasons we need to cheer ourselves on. Others may not notice what God has been doing for us but we do. These are the times when we open up our mouths and declare God’s goodness like David would. “Come on I know I can do it, I can overcome. God helped me slay the lion, slay the bear so now lets go slay this Goliath!”

We become a cheerleader of God in our life. As we cheer, others will start to join in. Before we know it there will be a whole team all cheering God together!

So take up the challenge and become your own personal cheerleader. Start declaring God’s goodness in your life. Keep cheering until a whole team of people surrounds you. You will be helping others as you help yourself. This is what the gospel is all about. Have the greatest week cheerleading yourself to success.

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Time for a Change…

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Malachi 3:6 “I am the Lord, and I do not change”

Everything changes! Change affects things we want it to as well as things we rather it didn’t. It does not matter if it’s a hairdo, car, house, friendship or a season everything changes. We must continually remind ourselves that change is a vital part of life.

Our verse shows us that only one thing exists that will never change, and that is God. He is stable, unchanging and solid. He is the firm foundation for us to anchor our life to. God will not change in any way. If something is going to change it will be us, not Him.

People often find change difficult to navigate but it shouldn’t be. God’s Word tells us how to live and adapt to change. The simplest key to winning is for us to obey God’s Word no matter what! In times of change always remember that God’s Word is His Word is His Word! Stick with it and you will discover that His perfect plan will brilliantly come forth and everything will be OK because of it.

This week don’t let change intimidate you. Instead, open your Bible and anchor yourself to God’s Word. Let it change you. God will be there and before you know it things will be getting better. You will train yourself to like change instead of fearing it. Get ready for a powerful week ahead – we love you!

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Happy Days…

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Psalm 118:24 “This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be happy in it.”

If we create something, we like to think that whoever receives it will enjoy it. This is not always the case. There is nothing gloomier than getting an ungrateful response from someone. The gift had no fault but the recipient did. Today’s verse shows us how we should receive the gift of time that God gives us.

Everybody has 365 days a year and God creates each one. No matter what day it is, as born again believers, we have an escape to the suffering and struggles that others accept. We decide exactly how we will live each day. My decision is always: “As for me and my house we will rejoice and be happy 365 days a year.”

Now I know you want days filled with happiness and rejoicing as well. The fact is that they are not difficult to create. Simply ensure that you follow Psalm 118’s two instructions:

  1. Acknowledge that God has made this day
  2. Make a firm decision to rejoice and be happy in it

Before you know it life will turn around. The mountains of discontent and worry that stood before you will come down. The light of a brand new day will flood your soul. You will begin to experience future and hope like never before. When this happens let others know that these happy days can be theirs as well, just like they are yours.

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