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Fan that Flame…

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1Timothy 1:6  “…I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you…”

A fire left unattended will eventually die down to nothing but a few glowing embers. If we refuel and fan them, flames will quickly start to flicker and climb and before long the fire is ablaze again.

Our verse lets us know that this is how our God given spiritual gifts work. If we leave them unattended they will decrease and become nothing more than an ember of what they should be. People may notice them smouldering in us but be unable to see the raging beauty that they should be.

Now, just as a fire needs three things to exist: fuel, heat and oxygen, our spiritual gifts need prayer, study and fellowship to blaze. As we diligently bring these three together the flames of our spiritual gifts begin to rise and gather strength. What is an ember today can be a flame tomorrow and a raging fire in our future.

This week why not fan into flames the spiritual gifts that God gave you. Start praying over them, studying God’s Word and fellowship with other Christians who think the way you think. This will cause even the smallest dying ember of your spiritual gifts to flicker and come to life in a short time. Don’t stop when you see the first sign of flame but keep on praying, studying and fellowshipping until your spiritual gifts are a raging fire that no man can stop.

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God’s Talking…

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Numbers 23:19 “God is not like people. He tells no lies. He is not like humans. He doesn’t change his mind. When he says something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it”

Have you ever told people the truth only to have them not believe you? It can be devastating but as time passes, and good fruit shows, everything turns around. Those who didn’t believe you often become your greatest cheerleaders.

Today’s verse states 4 important facts:


  • Tells NO LIES

We must understand that God’s pleasure is that we believe Him and His word. Often people humanize God to have similar weaknesses and failures to themselves. The fact is our God is not weak in any area. He is stable, sure and true!

This is why we can be 100% obedient to God’s Word. It will produce everything that it says. There are no lies and no changes. Exactly what God says is what will happen. We can bind our lives to Him and have success as we obey His Word.

This week let’s work on any lingering areas of doubts that we may hold towards God’s Word. Dig them out of our lives by telling them the truth… “God said it, I believe it and I’m going to do it.” Keep speaking to them until they line up with His Word. Doubt will flee and the strength of God will enter in and before long our fruit will be displaying the truth of God in every arena of our lives.

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Time to Get Ready…

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Acts 2:17 “In the last days,” God says “I’ll pour out of my Spirit upon all people”

Have you ever been out for a walk and been suddenly caught in a downpour? One minute you’re happily strolling along, the next you’re drenched from head to foot. The weather changed suddenly and you were caught unprepared.

Our verse tells us about a sudden change that God is planning. He’s about to gush, spill and pour out His Holy Spirit like never before. God’s been speaking about this for millennia and now it’s about to happen. It’s time to get prepared for a total drenching in His Holy Spirit.

Here’s how it works; God says He’ll do His part by pouring out the Holy Spirit and we do our part by being prepared to receive Him. Just like the wise virgins in Matthew 25, we must be prepared and ready. By continuing in God’s Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers we’ll be amply prepared to receive as God releases His downpour.

What an exciting time this will be. Our sons and daughters prophesying, our young people seeing visions, and our older folk dreaming dreams. Everyone will be saturated. There’s an overflow of the Holy Spirit coming like never before!

This week start preparing to be a vessel that can receive from this great outpouring. Consider gathering friends around you and prepare for what’s ahead. Study your bible, pray together and get to know the Holy Spirit like never before. You’ll be glad you did because God’s going to pour out His Holy Spirit on all people.

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No Surprises…

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Psalm 119:165 “The people who love God’s Instructions enjoy peace and lots of it and nothing shall offend them”

I enjoy walking on paths that twist and turn on their way to a destination. My mind thinks about what’s coming up ahead or what’s beyond the next turn. As I stay on the path I arrive safely at the destination.

God has a path for us. Our verse says that as we walk on His Path and follow His Instructions offense won’t be able to lead us astray. Isn’t it great to know that around the next bend of life can be lots of peace rather than another unexpected offense?

Offense always leads us away from God. It takes us into a wilderness of self-interest and deception. We soon discover that peace has gone and the never-ending storms of life are tossing us about instead. This all resulted from us following an offense.

God has provided us with a fabulous escape from offense. All we do is simply follow His Instructions. When we start doing things His Way we suddenly find ourselves back on His path for our life and His path is an offense free path.

Don’t allow offense to stalk you and lead you away from God. Instead hold firm to God’s way of doing things. Before long you’ll find that there is LOTS OF PEACE in your life. Soon others will be looking to you to lead them along His path of life towards peace.

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Sounds Great…

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Proverbs 10:11 “The mouth of a righteous person is a fountain of life”

Fountains are fascinating. People are drawn to their seemingly endless flow of water as it dances and spills around them. The many cascades create a peaceful atmosphere. Their calming sound attracts many who sit and relax on their edges.

Today’s verse says that our mouth, or more specifically the words we speak, can become a fountain of life. Stinking words produce a dead fountain that no one visits. Life giving words produce a beautiful fountain that everyone wants to be near.

Try picturing this in your imagination. See your life-giving words becoming a fountain of life as they dance and spill from your mouth. See their sound attracting people and creating a refreshingly peaceful atmosphere for others.

This week allow encouraging words to freely flow from your mouth. As you do this you’ll create a beautiful fountains of life that has an overflow of healthy waters. People will almost instantly be attracted by your words. When this happens allow more life-giving words to gush out and affect all those who come near. Before long lives will be changed, people refreshed and cascades of life will be flowing from you in every direction. It God’s Word so you know it will work!

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