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A Strong Year…

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Ecclesiastes 3:11 “God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot understand what God has done from beginning to end.”

Soon fireworks will be bursting in the sky, trumpets will be blaring and everyone will be celebrating the new year. For many it will be just another event but, for those who choose, it can become a defining moment in their journey with God.

Our family always enter the new year on a strong foot. We make sure that God is central and pivotal at the start so he remains the focus for the whole year, not just the day. Ecclesiastes 3:11 will help make this coming year strong and stable for you.

It gives 3 powerful keys on how to enter this new season:

  1. Don’t rush
  2. Search your heart
  3. Trust God

Don’t rush – Everything we do doesn’t have to be accomplished in one day. Some things take time. If we allow time to do its work then God will ensure that everything becomes beautiful.

Search your heart – Remember that God has planted eternity in our hearts. It makes good sense that we should search our heart and get an eternal prospective on our plans. Make a habit of checking every plan with God and you will have great success ahead.

Trust God – Ensure that your trust is in God. He knows the beginning from the end and every step in-between. There is no one trustworthier than God. When we put our trust in Him our lives stand on a solid and sure foundation.

We believe that 2013 is going to be the best year yet for you. Making God the central and pivotal point at the start is a simple key to having a strong year!

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Faith, Hope, Love…

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Psalms 95:6 “Come let us adore and bow down: Let us kneel before the LORD our maker for he is our God.”

As we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus many people are busy organising last minute gifts to ensure that everyone is taken care of on the day. Christmas is a special time of outreach and inclusion, a time when we can share the love and goodness of Christ with others.

It is a time to stop and remember the reason for this season. We celebrate the love that God has for this world. His great love sent Jesus into the midst of all that was lost and dying. Jesus’ sacrifice allowed us to be reconciled back to God again as He laid down His life on the cross.

Now that is truly something that we should be thankful for. We should worship God because of it. As we come humbly before our Lord in this way we testify that we are His people and we are surrendered to His leadership.

This Christmas as we celebrate Jesus let’s also remember our maker and our God. Set aside time to adore, worship and bow down before him and express our love and adoration. Not only will this bring honour to God but it will also help to restore faith, hope and love to those around you.

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Building Strong Families…

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Psalm 103:17 “But the Lord’s love for those who respect him continues forever and ever, and his goodness continues to their grandchildren”

The foundations under any building are what cause it to stand strong. If they are faulty or inferior they won’t fully support the structure that is built upon them. If foundations are weak, they will almost certainly fail at sometime in the future.

Everyone wants their family to be strong and functional. Our verse teaches us how to build the strong foundation needed to achieve this. It says that as we show respect to God He pours out His love and goodness on us. But it goes further than that. He keeps pouring this love and goodness out onto our children and our grandchildren. Now that’s a strong foundation to build under any family!

It is not difficult to show respect to God. As we are obedient to His Word and live life the way the bible says our lives transform from being self-centered to being God-focused. We become a vessel of worship to Him and He responds by pouring His love and goodness into the future generations of our families.

This week why not strengthen the foundations of your family and effect the coming generations. As we make a choice to do things God’s way we cause His love and goodness to flood over us, our children and our children’s children. A strong foundation will be formed that will enable our families to stand strong through any storm. Prepare now for a strong family in the future!

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Safe and Protected…

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Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the Lord is like a strong tower. Those who do what is right can run to him for protection.”

I like looking at the picture that shows a tall lighthouse with huge waves smashing around it. The tower stands tall and solid while the ocean beats at it trying to destroy it.

That image always reminds me of Proverbs 18:10. It says that the Lord’s name is like this strong tower. It is a place that is immovable, safe and protected no matter what comes against it. It is a safe place where we can escape the violent storms of life and gain respite in times of difficulty.

Now, the key to entering our tower of protection is very simple. As we do things God’s way, the right way, we get access 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We can run there no matter what is threatening us. We’re never shut out or excluded when we do things God’s way.

There will be times in life when we must run into His protection. He wouldn’t have provide it if we didn’t need it. So no matter what is threatening us, trying to wear us down or plans to destroy us God’s Tower of Protection is open for access. At these times RUN into His protection and everything will be OK!

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A Word Hidden…

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Psalm 119:11 “Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”

Children love a game of hide and seek. As one child counts to 10 the others hide. Then the hunt begins to find them. There are often squeals and laughter as each child is found. The better hidden you are the less likely you are to lose the game.

Today’s verse gives us a very important key to building our future. It says we are to take the Word of God and store it in our heart. It is vital that God’s Word is the very center, the heart, of everything we do in life.

The more of God’s Word we store in our hearts means the less likely we are to sin. We will not miss, forfeit or lack the fullness that God has for us when we have His Word in our heart. It strengthens us to remain close to Him and ensures that we won’t easily be led astray.

Each week we post a fresh encouragement from the Bible. These are great words you can hide in your heart. You can visit this blog anytime and read our archives. Why not visit it whenever you feel you have a little extra room in your heart that needs to be filled by God’s Word.

Remember God instructs us because He loves us. Let’s respond to His love by taking His precious Word and storing it in our heart. It will allow our life to prosper like never before and ensure that we are equipped to win in our future!

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