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Behind You…

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Psalms 23:6 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”

Have you ever been taking a walk only to discover that a lonely dog has decided to join you? No matter what you do it continues to follow wherever you go. When you run, it runs, if you stop, it stops. No matter what you do it faithfully keeps pace following you.

This verse let us know about two faithful traveling companions that follow us on life’s journey. They are goodness and mercy and they’re unquestionably behind us every step of the way. We can’t outrun them and neither can we stop them from pursuing us every day of our lives.

Now, when we understand what’s following us there will be no need to keep looking back over our past to see what’s there. Goodness and mercy are! They’re able to keep pace with us our whole life long. Whenever we need to lean on them they are there, ready and able to support us.

This week let’s look forward to the future and let go of the past. Goodness and mercy have got our backs and we are free to advance confidently into our tomorrow. With two such valuable travelling companions supporting us we will never be alone. We can walk, run and sprint into our future and they will be right behind us. Life will be good and we’ll be setup for a victory far beyond what we could ever ask or think.

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A Great Meal…

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Psalm 34:8 “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!”

There is something special about a great meal. Often before we see it, we smell the aroma that is coming from it. Our hunger is aroused and finally we get to see the meal and taste the many flavors that it carries. Our senses were right; it was a great meal!

Today’s verse says that we’re to taste and see that the Lord is good. You may have already caught the aroma of God in your life and sensed that He is good but this verse challenges us to go a step further. We’re to become active and experience all we can in God so that we can see His Goodness above everything else.

Now, not all people see God as good. Some haven’t set out to experience God in that way and so they think otherwise. But you and I know that our God is a good God! We know that what we’ve sensed is true and above everything else, we know that we know, that God is a good God. He is filled to overflowing with goodness.

This week let’s take the goodness of God to the people around us. Let’s have conversations with others about the goodness of God. Allow them to catch the aroma of His goodness so their hunger for Him is ignited. Then lead them on to taste and see His goodness in their lives. Before long they’ll be doing the same for their friends and everyone’s life will be the better for it.

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It’s So Close…

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Matthew 26:39 “He (Jesus) went on A LITTLE FURTHER and bowed with his face to the ground, PRAYING, “My Father!…”

In life things can often get in our way and distract us. When they do we can feel like we’re at our limit or that we can no longer move forward. When we stay there griping and complaining about it, nothing will ever improve, we’ll just stay in overload. But when we’re able to regain our focus we soon discover a place of victory.

Now, this is a great verse to help us focus in difficult times. It says that when we go A LITTLE FURTHER, like Jesus, then PRAY, we enter a victory zone just like He did. This is such a powerful key. PRAYER is the connection between the Father and us whenever we reach out to Him. PRAYER allows the plans of heaven to invade our world, causing confusion to cease and our spiritual strength to be revived.

This week come with us as we go FURTHER into God than we have ever gone before. Let’s escape our comfort zone and press into God at a whole new level. Even when it seems painful or the expected result does not appear quickly, lets keep pressing into God. Before long we’ll reach our victory zone exactly as Jesus did. He was able to accomplish the will of His Father because He went A LITTLE FURTHER and PRAYED. When we do the same we’ll become connected to our future.

Fulfilling God’s will in this season of life is as simple as going A LITTLE FURTHER and PRAYING!!

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Hand in Hand…

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John 14:16 “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper to be with you forever, He is the Holy Spirit”

We love walking along holding hands and enjoying every part of life together. We share as much time as possible side by side. It doesn’t matter whether we’re shopping, travelling or walking on the beach, as long as we’re together we’re happy.

Today’s verse lets us know about a relationship that is closer than that of a husband and wife. Jesus says that He has given us a “helper” who’ll walk with us. One who’ll stay with us forever. This helper is the Holy Spirit.

The word “helper” means comforter, advocate, the one who comes alongside. This is an important role that the Holy Spirit plays in our lives. He brings comfort and draws in close as we walk through life’s mountains and valleys. He brings counsel, wisdom & strength to us every day.

This week lets take time to acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit in our life. With Him beside us we will never be lonely or alone. We will have His wisdom, power and good counsel beside us every day. As we honour the Holy Spirit we’ll quickly discover that the counsel we need is always available and our lives will become less stressful.

Draw in close to the Holy Spirit today, hold hands and take a walk together – you’ll be so glad you did!

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