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Wise People Build…

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Matthew 7:24 “Every one who hears my teachings and acts upon them is like a wise man who builds his house upon rock”

It always fascinates me to watch a building being built. Methodically each piece is placed in its correct position and before long an empty block becomes a great building. It has taken a lot of work, skill and wisdom to accomplish this amazing task.

Our verse tells us that wise people will build. Wisdom to do this is gained simply by hearing & acting on the Word of God. These two vital elements, hearing & acting on God’s Word, form the rock solid foundation that will ensure lasting results from whatever we’re creating.

It takes effort to build. The last thing we desire is for it to be knocked over or easily destroyed. The foundation becomes extremely important in making a structure sound. That’s why we build on rock and not moving sand. The right foundation will ensure that everything will last even through life’s most powerful storms.

This week let’s remember that every person leaves behind something. Why not leave something that is guaranteed to last. Let’s be wise people and build our lives and families on the Word of God. Hearing what it says and acting upon it. We’ll start becoming stronger each and everyday. The foundation of our family will become rock solid and immovable as we do. It will cause us to leave a great legacy that will be able to bless the generations ahead.

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Why did you do that…

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1 Corinthians 10:31 “…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Everything we do, we do for a reason. We may work to get paid, eat because we’re hungry or watch a movie for relaxation. Everything we do, we do to accomplish something. We don’t simply do it just to have something else to do.

Today’s verse gives us the ultimate purpose for everything we do once we’re a born again believer. It says that whatever we do, we do it totally for the glory of God. This adjusts our focus from the task or the intended result and puts it back onto what is the reason for everything – bringing glory to God!

If what we’re doing isn’t bringing Glory to God then we need to adjust our focus and direction so that it does. We must understand that as we keep our focus on God, in everything we’re doing, it’ll causes Him to receive the glory and us to receive a “well done good and faithful” from the creator of all things – WOW!

This week let’s adjust our focus. Lets stop accepting worldly praise for our efforts. Instead, let’s redirect our focus towards God in every task, no matter how small or how large it is. Allow the glory to go to Him and before long He’ll be honouring us. We’ll start accomplishing so much more than we ever have before simply by doing everything to the glory of God.

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Looking Good…

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Proverbs 3:3 “NEVER let loyalty and kindness get away from you! Wear them like a necklace; write them deep within your heart.”

I can still remember the times, when I was much younger, where I would take the dog for a walk and it would escape. I soon learnt that wrapping the leash around my arm ensured that where I went the dog followed. It made us inseparable and ensured that what we needed to do was accomplished.

Today’s verse lets us know about two very important things that must never get away from us. They are loyalty & kindness. If we don’t watch out they’ll try to escape, that’s why we’re told to NEVER let them get away. We have to be vigilant and proactive to ensure that they stay with us everyday.

We’re told to wear them like a necklace and write them deep in our heart. This means to make loyalty & kindness so much a part of who we are, that we’re inseparable from them. When people see us, they see loyalty & kindness. Doing this allows the promise given in the next verse to be ours… “We’ll find favour with God & people and gain a good reputation.”

This week let’s make the change. Let work on making loyalty & kindness inseparable from us. Let’s wrap ourselves in them and wear them proudly. Let’s live their reality from deep with our heart. Before long favour and a good reputation will be with us everywhere that we go. People will notice the difference and so will you!

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The Best…

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Isaiah 1:19 “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land.”

There are always so many choices in life. When we need something we often discover that there’s a selection between either good, better or best. We would always like to choose the best but sometimes it can seem a little out of reach and so we quickly settle for the good instead – which is always better than nothing.

Today’s verse lets us know how we can get the best each and every time. It says that when we’re willing and obedient to God’s Word we WILL (not might) eat the best of the land and not the worst. This means that we won’t have to settle for good or better any longer. We can jump right to the best just by applying this verse to our lives.

Now, what we’ve got to do is surrender our will & obey through our actions whatever the Word of God says. When we continually do this we’re destined to receive the best of everything that is on offer and never the worst.

This week let’s get started by surrendering our wills and obeying through our actions what we read in the Word of God. This will activate our promise and we will begin to eat the best from the land. As this becomes a living truth in our lives let’s share it with other folk and help them along on their journey. Remember, the best of the land is obtained by being willing and obedient to the Word of God!

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