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Stuck on you…

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1 Kings 17:8 “Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying…”

As a child I loved playing with magnets. It fascinated me how I could cause them to attract or repel each other simply by turning over one magnet. When they were attracting each other they would quickly become stuck together and I would strain to get them apart.

Today’s verse lets us know that God’s Word acts just like attracting magnets. Once we’re born again the Word of God is attracted to us. Not only is it attracted to us, it wants to stick and hold fast to us. It does not want to ever be separated from us.

Once God’s Word has come to us we’re told that it starts speaking. Now friends, this is powerful. God’s Word, His creative power that bought everything into existence wants to speak to us. Imagine what this can create in our lives. God’s plan and purpose exploding in us as He speaks Words of life, but we must be listening.

This week remember that God’s Word has come for us and is sticking to us. His Word wants to speak to us. Let’s take extra time to listen to what God wants to say. He has powerful Words of life to speak, words full of future and hope. Listen to what He says, obey and before long life will be moving forward and the future will be radiant­­.

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Rise Up…

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Isaiah 60:1 “Rise up and shine, for your light has come. The shining-greatness of the Lord has risen upon you”

It always fascinated me how fresh milk separates when it’s left to stand. What looks like one liquid slowly forms into two separate layers. The milk stays below as the cream rises up to the top. The richest part of the milk rises above the rest.

Our verse today shows that we should be willing to rise above things as well. It explains that as we rise up and shine, that is as we rise above our circumstances, we will be glorifying God and everything He has done in our lives. Just like cream rises above milk so too God’s greatness rises up in our lives causing us to be victorious.

There’s a very good reason for us to rise up. It is that Jesus has come and He is the light of the world. This was the greatest gift that God could give humanity. Jesus gave us the ability to rise above every circumstance and obtain victory. Now, Jesus has done His part, we must do our part and rise up shining His glory.

This week it’s time for action. Schedule a little extra time to glorify God and the mighty work of Jesus at Calvary. Just like the cream rising above milk we’ll be enabled to rise above life’s trials and obtain victory & success. Before long we’ll each be shining His greatness like never before and life will be on a solid course to victory.

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Stay Free…

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1 Corinthians 7:23 “A high price has been paid for your freedom, so don’t devalue God’s investment by becoming a slave to people”

If we buy something valuable, paying a lot of money for it, we expect it to do what it’s meant to do. If it falls short of our expectations we can get saddened and become less than happy with our investment.

This weeks verse reminds us that God made a huge investment in us. He paid a high price to deliver us freedom. His purchase meant that we are no longer meant to be slaves to anything. But it’s easy for us to slip back into our old habits.

We’re told to be aware of becoming slaves to people rather than son and daughters of God. He secured our freedom and he wants us to live free of slavery. To be enslaved again devalues God’s precious investment in us. To be free makes the most from the high price He paid.

This week let’s get focused and make God’s Word a priority in our lives. Don’t choose man’s wisdom above Godly wisdom. Man’s wisdom will often ensnare us again to slavery. God’s Word, on the other hand, will always lead us toward freedom. It will ensure that we remain son’s and daughter’s of the King of Kings.

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Party Time…

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Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is living among you. He is a hero who saves you. He will rejoice over you. You will rest in his love; He will sing and be joyful about you”

There’s nothing like a celebration to make people feel good. A time of commemoration for a person or event is always special. The people, food and conversation always make it unique, memorable and cheerful.

Today’s verse demonstrates God’s celebration over us. We’re told that he is a hero who lives with us. He wants to celebrate you and I for just being who we are. God made us, He loves us and He wants to celebrate us.

There are 3 wonderful things that God brings along to our celebration – rejoicing, love and singing. We’re told He rejoices over us, lets us rest in His love & sings with shouts of joy over us. It sounds like a fantastic party to me. One that we should all be attending.

This week remember that God made us, He loves us and He wants to celebrate us. No matter what’s happening God, our hero, is celebrating you and me. Join Him in this celebration by receiving his joy, love and rest. They’ll revive; refresh and empower us into His future plan and purpose for our lives.

Have a great celebration this week!

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2 Plus 2…

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Matthew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”

One of the earliest and simplest lessons we learn in math at school was two plus two equaled four.  Once we have learnt this basic then other things could be built upon it. If we failed to learn it we’d have no foundation for future learning.

Today’s verse teaches us God’s way for us to receive what’s needed in our lives. It explains that when we seek His kingdom above all else AND live righteously then He gives us everything we need. Difficulties in life arise when we try using a different formula than the one God says will work.

We should continually endeavor to put God’s Kingdom first. This means doing things God’s way, the way the bible says. As we do this all things that we need will be given to us. Using any other formula doesn’t produce the same result; we must put God’s Kingdom first and live rightly to receive what’s needed.

This week let’s commit afresh to God’s way of doing things above all else. As we do this and continue living righteously, we allow God to give us the things we need. Seeking His Kingdom above all else ensures that our future will be beyond what we can ask or think. We’ll propel ourselves into God’s plan and purpose supplied with all that is needed.

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