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Get Wisdom Today…

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Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding”

Everything starts somewhere. Babies start crawling long before they commence walking and after that they learn to run. If we don’t crawl, we will never walk, and will never be able to experience running. Everything in life starts small and then grows and matures into what it should be.

Today’s verse teaches us about wisdom and understanding. It let’s us know that wisdom is the principal or number one thing we need in life. Wisdom is not something that is given, like a gift. Rather, it’s something that we must go out and obtain. Wisdom is something that we must seek, pursue and gather to have in our lives. When we have it we grow!

Now, wisdom is not just something that we should have an interest in. It is something that we should have knowledge and understanding about. In other words, once we have obtained wisdom we should make use of it. It’s not just an ornament in our lives. It’s meant to shape, fashion and form us into what God desires.

This week let’s get more wisdom. If wisdom has lacked in your past then get started today in turning that around. Wisdom is easy to obtain. Simply open your Bible and ask God to reveal His wisdom to you, then start reading and studying to understand what the bible says. Before long you’ll discover that not only do you have wisdom but you also have understanding. Use this to shape, fashion and form your life just as God intends. Have a great week ahead!

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Stand up…

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Acts 3:6 But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold, but I do have something else I can give you. By the power of Jesus Christ from Nazareth – stand up and walk!”

Have you ever been faced with a difficult situation? You think you know the answer but quickly discover there’s a totally different solution required. A solution that brings total changes to the situation.

Today’s verse describes such a situation. On the way to the temple Peter and John are confronted by a beggar who asks them for money. This man thought that money was the answer to his problem. Peter & John, being led by the Holy Spirit, had the perfect solution. A solution that had nothing to do with what he asked for.

They spoke the powerful name of Jesus and told him to stand up and walk out of his situation. Money would never have accomplished this outcome. Now the man was able to live a normal life again, a life where he didn’t have to beg.

Many people are deceived and think that money is the answer to every problem. Mark 4:19 says that this is the deceitfulness of riches and it chokes the Word of God in our lives. Remaining focused on Jesus and never on money and riches is the key to living an overcoming life in Christ.

This week let’s focus on our Lord and savior Jesus. When a situation comes up let’s not throw money at it. Let’s speak the name of Jesus, stand up and walk out of it. We’ll see it change as we’re led in the right direction. We’ll receive just the right answer and it will cause us to walk, jump & praise God just like this beggar man.

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Sending Love…

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1 John 5:3 “Loving God means doing what he tells us to do, and really, that isn’t hard at all”

Have you ever had someone tell you that they love you but then everything they do seems to scream the opposite? It can be a very challenging time and is often difficult to navigate. One of the hardest lessons we learn in life can be that words are cheap and that they’re often difficult to act out.

Today’s verse says that we should display our love for God in a very specific way. We should do what He tells us to do – that is what displays our love. Now, this can seem simple but if you open your bible and start reading, you’ll soon discover some challenging instruction throughout His Word. Always remember that God only ever asks the possible not the impossible, so if it’s in His Word then it’s possible for us to do it.

This verse lets us know that when we truly love God the way he loves us, with agape love, then we’ll find it easy to act upon what He’s asked. We love Him and we love acting upon His Word and we’re sure you do too.

This week let’s display our Love for the Father. Let’s not just say it, but rather, let’s do what He’s told us to do. Let’s send a clear love message to our father in heaven that we love Him like He loves us. In no time at all we’ll discover that we’re walking in a higher realm of intimacy with God than ever before and we’ll be thinking “Why didn’t we do this earlier. Have a blessed week ahead.

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Proverbs 30:5 “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

The most expensive and sought after diamonds in the world are the ones with the least number of flaws. All diamonds have flaws but as their number decrease the price of the gem skyrockets. People will pay a high price for the most perfect stone they can find.

This proverb let’s us know that EVERY WORD OF GOD IS FLAWLESS.  Being flawless means having no blemish, imperfection, mistake or shortcoming. If God’s Word was a diamond it would be so perfect & treasured that no one could ever afford the price to buy it.

Now, we’re told that every single word of the Word of God is flawless and so each one is this valuable. Our bible, God’s Word, has over 700,000 words. Each Word carries value beyond our comprehension. Together they are priceless.

This flawless Word of God becomes our shield when we take refuge behind it. We’re being protected by the most pure and valuable shield there is. Now, beyond its value is the fact that nothing is able to penetrate it. We are sheltered, protected and secure when His Word is before us.

This week let’s place value upon the Word of God in our lives. Let’s put it before us as our shield and take refuge in Him. Reading, speaking and listening to God’s Word will keep it before us. This honouring of God’s Word in our lives will result in a future that is above what we could ever ask or think.

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