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James 1:1 “…Greetings to all God’s people scattered over the whole world”

Often in the largest and busiest cities we discover lots of people who are desperately lonely. Even though they are surrounded by millions of other men and women they still feel isolated. Loneliness is also apparent in smaller towns and villages where people can find it difficult to connect with each other. Loneliness is a real issue in many people’s lives.

This verse from James reminds us that people just like us are scattered over the whole world. God’s people are no longer isolated to a city or group, we’ve been scattered over the entire world. This means that wherever man has ventured, Christianity has ventured there too. Like a farmer who scatters seed for a harvest, God has ensured that we’ve been scattered to every corner of the earth ready for His end-time harvest.

Now, because God’s people are everywhere, we need not struggle with loneliness. We can connect with others more easily because we have Jesus in common. The problem is often that we think ourselves out of connecting with people. We over worry about what they may think, say or do but we should just grab the opportunity and connect with them for Christ’s sake.

This week let’s keep our eyes and ears open and get prepared to connect with someone who is feeling lonely. Instead of thinking about the difficulties that it may present just do as James did and greet them with a smile and a kind word. Before long you’ll have friends all over the place and be a key part of Gods end-time harvest. Try it… You’ll be glad you did!

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Blessed Again…

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Psalm 23:5 “You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing”

Have you ever overfilled a glass by mistake? As the liquid makes it’s way to the rim it seems to effortlessly rise above it and then flood down the sides. The glass becomes so full that it overflows and the excess is lost.

Today’s verse describes how God’s blessings operate in our lives. They act like a glass filled to the very brim. God desires the maximum amount of blessing in our lives without the possibility of any being lost. He fills us up with blessings to the very top, causing us to live a healthy and balanced life.

It is often at the most difficult times that we discover how blessed we are by God. It’s the times when we have “drooping heads” as this verse says. These can be times when we may be feeling low, inadequate or just plain miserable. These are the times when God tops up the blessing and causes them to come right to the brim of our lives where we can notice them.

Remember that our God is the one who tops up the blessings not the one who removes them. As we walk in His ways, following His Word and stay on the paths of righteousness he does not remove His Blessing. Rather, He keeps them topped up to us every day.

This week take time to notice how good God is to us. He’s keeping His Blessings topped up in our lives no matter how we’re feeling. As we notice them we’re equipping ourselves to enter a future where we can flourish and grow like never before!

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Judges 6:24 “Then Gideon built an altar there to the Lord and called it, The Lord is Peace.”

Have you ever been to a place that is really peaceful? For some it’s a spot like a lake or waterfall. For others it’s the ocean, river or forest. It’s a place where our soul can relax and our thoughts become refreshed and renewed without the hustle, bustle and buzz of our busy world intruding. Escaping to these places is a precious sanctuary every time.

Today’s verse let’s us know that we need a place of peace in our lives. It’s very easy to get immersed in a hectic schedule trying to overachieve and produce superhuman results. The end of that road is ultimately burnout, a place where no one wants to be.

In most peoples lives peace comes and peace goes. The key to keeping it is held in this verse. It instructs us to build an altar to God for peace. Now an altar is a place of God’s presence. It is also a place of offering & sacrifice. It’s a place to honor the Lord by laying things down and giving things up. As we do this we can start to receive the presence of God’s peace back in our lives

Now, it’s almost impossible to keep a hectic schedule and have peace. If we’re feeling overwhelmed, overburdened and overcommitted then its time to build an altar to the Lord for peace. This is done by sacrificing our schedule and making time an offering to our Lord. As we prioritize Him peace will begin abiding in our lives. When we form our lifestyle around Him peace will seldom leave us and life will become more pleasurable.

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We’re with you….

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Psalm 23:6 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever”

Have you ever been walking and discovered a lonely dog has started to follow you. No matter how fast or slow you walk it just adjusts it’s pace to be near you. This new found friend is almost impossible to lose until your walk is over.

This verse let’s us know that when we’re dwelling in the house of the Lord we’re being pursued by two amazing forces, goodness & mercy. They’re both keeping pace with us every hour of every day. They never lag behind or run ahead. They stay with us all the time.

The key to keeping goodness and mercy in our lives is to remain in God’s House, the Church. After God places us in His Church we must remain faithful to it. The proof that we’re committed to the church is that both goodness and mercy will be with us. If they’re not then we’re not fully committed to our church.

This week let’s take a look around. Can we see goodness & mercy around us? If they’re not there then we need to consider our commitment to our church. If we’re just turning up and contributing nothing then goodness and mercy won’t be near. As our commitment to God’s House increases so too does the presence of goodness & mercy in our lives

Make this week the beginning of something greater in your life. Allow goodness & mercy to come in close by increasing your commitment to your Church.

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