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His Great Plan…

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Psalm 33:11 “But the Lords plans stand firm forever; the plans of his heart to all generations

Every day people build things they’ve planned like houses, offices and roads. When they’re first built they are beautiful & new but as the years pass they decay and often disappear. They simply don’t last forever.

Today’s verse reminds us that God has the only plans that enable things to stand forever. Try as we might, unless we do things Gods way, whatever we produce will simply corrode, crumble & disappear. But when they’re done God’s way they can stand firm forever.

The second part of this verse lets us know what God’s plans include. They include all generations with no exclusions. It includes the young, the old and all those in between – there are no exclusions. Today is a great day to look over your plans and ensure they include all generations. When they do you’ll know that it’ll stand firm forever because God promised!

When we planned Maximize Bible College we ensured it included all generations. We enabled school kids to study free under our scholarship scheme so they could get trained in God’s Word from an early age – something that had not been available to our generation. It was part of God’s plan and our ministry friends & partners have helped out faithfully to finance the coming generation in this.

We know that God’s plans for the future will stand firm because they’re in line with His Word. Why not join us by partnering with the next generation and finance a scholarship to help them grow in God. Every gift is a seed into the next generation that’ll ensure the plans of God will stand firm forever.

Please give generously to help a Bible College student Today!
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No Doubt…

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Philippians 1:6There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”

Some people are great starters but can’t finish anything. Others seem to be able to complete everything they’re given. There’s always a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever a task is fully completed. When all the loose ends have been tied up and there is nothing else to do we feel good.

Todays verse let’s us see a little of the character and nature of God.  Paul teaches us that he has no doubt that Jesus is a finisher. Whatever God starts in us He’ll keep at until it’s complete. What a powerful characteristic this is. Not only does it show perseverance it also shows outstanding stewardship on God’s part.

Remember that every work that God starts is a great work. The purpose and plan that God has for us are great works and friends; He’s already started them in us.  Know that He is going to complete them… no questions asked! God is a finisher of everything He starts.

This week allow God to perform His great work in you rather than push against it. Lend your voice to it in agreement by speaking out “Yes Lord, I allow your great work in me to progress” Before long the fruit of yielding will cause your life to move rapidly towards a flourishing finish. You’ll notice the swift change and so will all those around you.

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Psalm 107:9 “… for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”

After being hungry it’s a nice feeling when we can eat again. After eating what we need our appetite becomes satisfied. This feeling of satisfaction brings contentment to our bodies and it releases us to focus on other things rather than food.

This verse lets us know that whenever we hunger and thirst after God He will answer us. He will satisfy our spiritual thirst & fill our spiritual hunger with good things. Now, I want to show you a powerful promise in God’s Word, one that He’s ready to perform in each of our lives this year.

In John 6:35 Jesus says, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” If we truly want 2014 to surpass every other year we must pick up this promise. We must come to Jesus & believe in Him in every area of our lives – spirit, soul & body. We must leave no place hidden to Him, we must lay it all before His throne!

Now, as we become spiritually satisfied in Jesus our focus will change from hungering to spiritually helping others. We can each lead others along the promises of God in the same way that we’ve led you along this path of spiritual satisfaction; it’s all about coming to & believing in Jesus.

Try it today, let Jesus answer all your spiritual hunger and you’ll soon discover how to perform mighty exploits helping others in God’s kingdom.

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Plant this…

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Matthew 13:3 “…Jesus said, “Listen! A farmer went to plant seed.”

A farmer plants seed in the expectation that he’s going to get a harvest. That’s what farmers do… if they don’t plant seed then they’re not farming. If they’re not farming then they’re doing something else. The apostle Paul calls us farmers in 2 Timothy 2 and so we’re called to plant seed.

Jesus explains a little later in Matthew 13 that the seed is the Word of God – this is what we are meant to be planting into others. We are spiritual farmers who are to plant this into other people. If we’re not doing this then we’re not able to receive the bountiful harvest that’s available for us.

Some people struggle growing in God. The reason they often experience difficulty is because they lack this one principle… a farmer must plants seed to reap an abundant harvest. If we plant the Word of God into others then we’ll receive an abundant harvest back into our lives. If we hold onto what we know and never sow it into others we become spiritually obese and of no help to anyone.

Make this your target in 2014; plant the Word of God into other people. Jesus had 12 disciples that were close to Him and He planted the Word of God firmly in them. We can each find two or three others to continually sow God’s Word into. When we do this we’re promised a harvest that’ll cause us to grow in God like never before.

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