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Strong & Active…

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Proverbs 12:24 “The hand of the diligent will rule”

I find it intriguing that cream always rises to the top of milk. It creates a layer over the milk and doesn’t easily mix with it. Even when briskly stirred again the cream rapidly rises even though there’s abundantly more milk than cream.

Today’s verse lets us know that the diligent, or the strong and active, will always rise above the lazy, slack & negligent. James 1:22 says that there are 2 types of people in our world; hearers and doers. The doers of God’s Word will always become the cream that rises above those who only hear and then do nothing. The diligent also have the opportunity to reap powerful rewards from God in this.

So, what rewards await those who are strong and active in God? Firstly we can expect to rule, have dominion & reign. Then Proverbs 10:4 promises that we’ll also become rich, wealthy and prosperous. Simply by doing what we hear in God’s Word and diligently applying it will cause us to rise over those who don’t. This is a biblical truth that is spiritually explosive in the life of a believer.

This week let’s commence a transformation in our lives. Let’s become the cream above the milk by being diligent, strong and active in God’s Word. This will cause us to rise above the abundant number of hearers and allow Proverbs 10:4 to became active in our lives. No matter how briskly stirred life gets, when we hear and do God’s Word we’ll always rise to the top, have dominion and become prosperous through it.

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My House…

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Matthew 21:13 “Jesus said “My house will be called a house of prayer”

Every person’s house is planned and built for a different purpose. Some people like a house built for entertaining, some like open plan whilst others prefer a snug and cozy design. The important thing is that our houses provide us with what is need for functionality & happiness.

Today’s verse explains what Jesus needs for functionality and happiness in His house. It tells us how He wants His house designed and built so that it can carry out His purpose effectively. Jesus says that His house is to be a House of Prayer. When we pray we build God’s House!

Would you be highly offended if someone came into your house and re-arranged everything to their own preference? Moving furniture, rehanging pictures and changing paint color at their whim. But many believers are eager to enter the house of God and add their own agendas & programs. Oftentimes prayer is sacrificed for the latest teaching or course but this is not the way it should be. Prayer is the very structure that makes God’s House His Home.

This week let’s focus on prayer. Rather than looking for the latest “hot” Christian teaching let’s go back to basics and build God’s House the way He said. Prayer builds it and it releases happiness & functionality to God’s people. Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons and one of the quickest ways to bring happiness to our lives. It’s going to be a great week – let’s pray!

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Good Looking….

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Psalm 16:8 “I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

When buying a new car people generally pick a favorite make, model & colour. While they’re contemplating their purchase they start seeing the same type of car everywhere. They seldom noticed them before but now that they’re aware they keep seeing them. We only see what we look for.

Todays verse lets us know it’s the same with God. When we become aware of what He can do we will see His amazing works everywhere. Some people never see the simple or great things that God does. This doesn’t mean that God isn’t doing anything; it means they’re not looking. We only see what we look for.

When we focus & keep our eyes on what the Lord is doing we’ll quickly discover how close He is. The psalmist says He is close enough to hold hands. Wow! Not only is God close but He also wants to stabilize our lives so that we will not be shaken. I need that in my life and I’m sure you do too.

This week let’s set our sights on seeing the marvelous works of God that surround us. All we have to do is look and we will see. This will help us remember how close He is and how much He cares for us. His goal is to deliver greater stability into our lives. This simply starts by opening our eyes and seeing what He’s doing.

This week have a really good look – there is so much to see!

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Less Stress…

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Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything that happens in life there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven”

There’s good reason why we plant different produce in different seasons on the farm. It’s because the seed needs a certain climate to allow it to flourish and bring forth its best fruit. If planted at the wrong time it will wither and die. When planted in the right season it can produce abundant fruit.

We’re told in this verse that EVERYTHING that happens in life has a season. There’s no exclusion from this spiritual principle. It means that there’s plenty of time to get everything done in life when we do them God’s way. Most people fail because they don’t put God first and then stubbornly chart their own course, often heading right towards disaster.

Now, one of the quickest ways to get stressed and frustrated is to be continually out of time with God. If we attempt things in the wrong season then little or no fruit can be produced and life will seem very difficult. But when we align ourselves with Him ease and peace enters. This will ensure everything is accomplished as and when it should be.

This week let’s ensure that we’re working with the times and seasons of God. Take some time to ask the Holy Spirit to breathe fresh revelation into you about seasons. Listen to Him and then start making adjustments to your life and timing. Ensure that God is number one and His way of doing things is the priority of your life. Then get ready for a great harvest with less stress and frustration than ever before

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An Open Door…

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1 Corinthians 16:9 “There is a wide open door for a great work here, although many oppose me”

Most homes have solid front doors. Many even have a secure lock attached. Doors are designed to keep in what we need kept in and keep out what we need kept out. When the door is shut everything is secure but when it’s open things can enter and leave with ease.

In today’s verse Paul says that he’s found a wide open door. When he discovered it he put all his plans aside and focused on that open door. He explains that it is for a great work of the Lord and he was going to pass through it.

Paul mentions the opposition to what he’s about to do but he doesn’t seem too concerned by it. This is probably because of the role the door was about to play. Paul understood that he could enter this great work through the open door. He also knows that this door had the ability to hinder opposition from coming through after him. So, when he’d passed through the door, opposition would stay locked out. Opposition’s access would be denied!

Every believer gets open doors of opportunity from the Lord. Many people shy away because of what others may say or do to discourage them. Rather than doing this let’s copy Paul and launch ourselves rapidly through the doorway. We know that it’ll let us through to complete God’s great work. Plus, it will protect us from opposition.


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