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Needing Strength…

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2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

Have you ever misplaced something and then gone looking for it? You search everywhere you’ve been and in every place that it may be hidden. Your eyes methodically search until you eventually locate it. Once found it can be used for what it was intended.

Today’s verse teaches us that God’s eyes search the whole earth looking for something precious. He is on a quest to find exactly what He’s looking for. He’s seeking out those who’s hearts are fully committed to Him. When he finds these treasures He strengthens them.

Whenever we’re feeling a little weak we must remember that The Lord is searching for us. He wants to give us an infusion of strength but first our hearts must be fully set on Him. This means we’re committed to His Word & His ways no matter what things look like in the natural. When He discovers this he starts soaking us in the strength that only He can give.

Today is the best day to check our hearts. It’s the perfect time to ensure that we are committed to His Word & that we’re following His way of doing things. This opens up the channels of strength to flow from heaven to us. This week don’t hide away in rebellion and disobedience to God. Yield to His Word, walk in His ways and before long you’ll be feeling Him strengthening you like never before

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Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of God act as umpire continually in your hearts deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds.

A game of tennis played by seasoned & professional players is often a captivating and exciting experience. I reckon that the unsung hero of every game is the humble umpire. He has to make the hard calls, face the pleadings of the players and is often left with scorn from the crowd. Regardless he carries out his role and ensures that things are kept in order.

Todays verse tells us about an unsung hero in our lives. It’s the peace of God. It acts as the umpire between our hearts and mind. These 2 areas seem to experience the greatest amount of trouble & conflict so it’s comforting to know that God has help available to us.

The umpire always stays independent of the players. No matter how angry or sad they get he calls the game as it is played. In a similar way God’s peace doesn’t favor either the heart or the mind. It sides with the Word of God. If it comes down to a tiebreaker between them, then what God’s Word says is where God’s peace will settle and that decision is final.

This week allow the peace of God to become the umpire of your life and sort out the battle between your heart & mind. Simply open up God’s Word, read it and allow the peace of heaven to settle the situation. Like any other skill allowing peace to umpire in our lives takes a little practice. But our lives can never improve unless we allow peace to become the umpire.

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A Better Future…

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James 1:26 If a person thinks that they serve God, and does not control their tongue, deceiving their own heart, this person’s service is worthless.

The result of a motor vehicle going out of control is devastation. When it’s properly controlled it is of great benefit and service to those travelling in it. Out of control it will harm those in it and those around it. It can hurt, kill and destroy very quickly.

Today’s verse tells us about something even more destructive than this. It tells us about our tongue. This includes every word that we speak. People casually let every thought they have escape as words from their mouths. Doing this is not harmless or Godly. It’s actually a bad habit that needs to stop.

James 3 tells us that words are behind everything that happens in life. When we understand this we can ensure that our speech will cause us to prosper in life rather than enter death [Proverbs 18:21]. It is a challenge to make this change but when we do our service becomes valuable to God rather than worthless.

This week let’s continue on the journey to control our tongues by becoming more vigilant with what we say. Let’s consider carefully the words we use. Think of each one as a seed that is going to bear fruit tomorrow. Ask yourself is that really what I want tomorrow to look like? If it’s not then don’t let the words escape your lips. Learn to prophesy your tomorrow through the life giving words you speak today.

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Choose Life….

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Deuteronomy 30:19 Oh, that you would CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your descendants might live!

After looking at the café menu the hardest thing to do is choose from all the options offered. Everything looks great but what should I really choose. What is the healthiest option and what do I really need to eat. Eventually the decision is made and the order is placed.

Today’s verse let’s us know about a life choice that we’re offered. We’re told earlier in this verse that we can choose between life or death. Also, we can choose between blessing or curse. What we choose is exactly what we’ll get. That’s why God says CHOOSE LIFE.

God has made this decision process so simple. We’re meant to choose life each & every time that there’s an option. When we do this we’ll be choosing life and we’ll get the promise offered here. That promise is that you & your descendants might live, or in other words have a life of continued abundance. The problem is many refuse to choose life and so settle into a spiral of death. The only way out of this is to begin to CHOOSE LIFE!

This week let’s CHOOSE LIFE out of every available option. Choose live salad at your café, choose biblical preaching on your TV, pick words of life to speak rather than death. No matter what options you have, choose the one that contains the most life. You’ll soon discover that your life is growing and expanding like never before. Not only that, your descendants will benefit from your decision too. So praise God today for the ability to CHOOSE LIFE!

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