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Got Trouble…

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John 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.” – Jesus

Did you ever trust someone only to have them let you down? You victoriously proclaimed “I knew that would happen!” Lost trust can result in agitation, anxiety & distress. It may even cause us to doubt, which affects our ability to trust again in the future. A trouble free heart is simply a trusting heart. It’s one that’s free from agitation, anxiety & distress – the type of heart we truly want.

Today’s verse shares a golden key to keeping our hearts free of trouble. We’re told to only trust in God & Jesus. Psalm 118:8 says that it’s better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people. That’s probably because people will let us down no matter how hard they try not to. If our focus is on people rather than Jesus there’ll be trouble up ahead.

Understanding the value of trust is very important. Over 200 times in our New Testament the issue of trust is addressed. Trust simply means to think of as truth, be persuaded of, credit and place confidence in. We’re meant to trust God’s Word above everything & everybody else. If we take our life away from God’s Word we will also lose our trust. When we place it in God, where it belongs, we’ll receive a trouble free heart.

This week let’s shift our focus from those around us. No matter where our trust has been focused in the past let’s place it back on God. As we do this a trouble free heart will be restored to us and agitation, anxiety & distress will leave our lives.

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Stop Talking…

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Ecclesiastes 5:3 “For the dream comes through much effort and the voice of a fool through many words”

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who just won’t stop talking? They hardly even take a breath as they expound all their knowledge, understanding and viewpoint on just about everything. In time you discover that all they do is talk and never really achieve anything but the talk.

Today’s verse calls these people fools. It doesn’t call them this because they talk a lot but rather because they don’t put effort into the things they’re talking about. They’re hoping you’ll make it all happen for them as they unfurl in words every part of their dream. This isn’t God’s way of making a dream happen.

Every dream that God gives us will take more than talk to achieve. It will take much effort, which means hard work. It’s OK to talk about your dream but in the end God gave you the dream and you’re going to have to put in the hard work to make it happen. If not, then it will die as it does in the mouth of a fool.

This week let’s make our God Dreams flourish. Rather than foolishly talking about it let’s actually make something good happen for the dream. If your dream’s to write a book then this week write a chapter. If it’s a song write the chorus, if it’s a business register the name, if it’s travel then book a ticket, if it’s marriage invite someone out for a coffee.

Whatever the dream is that God’s given you make something happen for it this week and it’ll grow and become stronger than ever before!

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Running Away…

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James 4:7 So give yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you

A mimic is someone who copies the behavior, speech or actions of another person. In the right setting this can be a humorous & entertaining pastime. If we mimic the wrong thing or behavior we quickly pick up bad habits that are difficult to eradicate from our life. But if we mimic the good then our life improves.

Today’s verse tells us to simply mimic God rather than the devil. It also lets us know that when we do this, a very powerful thing will happen: THE DEVIL WILL RUN AWAY FROM YOU. That’s right if you mimic God’s Word in your behavior, the devil will RUN FROM YOU! Now this sounds like the perfect pastime to get involved in.

To be able to mimic someone we need to study them very closely. Some people are so good at mimicking the devil because that’s all they’ve ever seen. This is very sad but it’s not the end. All we have to do is surrender [or give ourselves] to God and start acting like His Word says we should. In no time at all the devil will hightail it out of our life.

This week lets help put the running shoes on the devil. Find one verse in your bible that you would like to activate in your life & then mimic [take on the same behavior, speech & actions] as it says. In no time at all the devil will be running away from you and if you keep it up he’ll not return. This is a great victory to activate in our lives today.

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Stolen Gems…

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John 10:10 “A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy”

A thief doesn’t steal something that isn’t valuable. They always take precious things leaving the worthless behind. If an item has any value at all they’ll pick it up, take possession of it, having absolutely no intention of ever returning it.

Today’s verse let’s us know about the thief. He’s not a robber who steals by force, threat or violence. He’s called a thief & thieves steal secretly without force. Our thief doesn’t want just your worldly wealth he’s in pursuit of everything of value that God has given you both natural & spiritual.

God entrusts us all with great spiritual gifts, vision and dreams that have more eternal value than all the gold, silver & gems that we could gather. The thief wants to sneak in secretly and steal everything from our lives including the spiritual. Many times he’s successful because our eyes are focused on the gold & silver rather than on the true gems of God’s Kingdom.

The thief tries to secretly steal, kill & destroy our dreams & visions so that the work of the Lord doesn’t progress here on earth.

This week let’s be watchful for the thief. If our God dream is in his sights then let’s guard it. If our spiritual gifts are being attacked then don’t let them die. Don’t allow the vision, which God has given, to be destroyed. When we’re vigilant & on guard the thief cannot enter and so he’s unable to steal, kill or destroy from us any longer.

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