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Acts 2:2 “and suddenly there came from heaven…”
Luke 2:13 “and suddenly there appeared…”
Acts 16:26 “and suddenly there was…”

Have you ever had to wait for someone? Minutes can seem like hours and hours can seem like years. We try to amuse ourselves but it feels like they’re never going to appear. Eventually they do, the wait was worth it and what felt like an eternity now seems like nothing at all.

The trio of verses today reminds us that the answer to what’s distressing us is on its way. God is powerful and He is actively working in each of our lives. If things seem unbearable at the moment know that God himself is on our side and He is working to turn things around. The solution will often appears suddenly and in an instant everything will change.

In Acts 2:2 the Holy Spirit suddenly came to abide with us, Acts 16:26 Paul & Silas were suddenly supernaturally freed from prison and in Luke 2:13 the angels suddenly appeared to glorify Jesus the savior of mankind. All were difficult situations; all required the supernatural power of God and all happened SUDDENLY!

This week let’s get prepared for our lives to change suddenly. Whatever the distress, difficulty or impossibility is why not invite the power of God in to change it. Even though we may have waited a long time when the solution suddenly appears it will all seem worth it and the wait will seem like nothing at all.

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Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”

Crossword puzzles can provide endless hours of entertainment for many people. We ponder & think on the clues and try to join the words together to eventually solve the puzzle. Occasionally one clue will stump us and no matter how small it is it stops us from completing the crossword. Our lives can sometimes feel like a complicated crossword puzzle.

Today’s verse reminds us about a powerful facet of God. He has a solution for every puzzle we face in life. No matter how difficult, complicated or impossible the situation is when God’s included there’ll always be a great solution. The problem is we often want to solve it without God and we end up getting stumped and disheartened then we give up.

The key is simply to get God involved in these areas as quickly as possible. Don’t carry a hard or difficult situation all by yourself. Take it to prayer and ask God to help you solve it with love, wisdom and compassion. He has provided a way through and the Holy Spirit wants to show it to you.

This week let’s write “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” across our bathroom mirror so we don’t forget. Whatever problem, puzzle or difficulty arises in our lives remind it that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD”. Then take each area to God in prayer and listen to His response. Before long the areas of life that have had you stumped will become areas of ease and life will be flourishing and enjoyable again.

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What’ll it take…

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Exodus 3:4 When the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the middle of the burning bush, “Moses! Moses!”

Have you ever tried to get someone’s attention? You might start off with a look or a wave. If that doesn’t work you may escalate it to calling out their name or whistling. If you really need to connect with that person you’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that aim. If you persist you’ll eventually be successful.

Today’s verse shows the lengths God will go to get someone’s attention if needs be. Moses is intrigued by this burning bush and as he comes close God calls out to him. God now had Moses attention and He was able to help Moses move forward into a great future. It took God setting something alight to do it. Moses could have easily ignored what was happening but because it fascinated him he moved closer and then God spoke.

So, what is the burning bush in your life? What is God setting alight in your world to get your attention? Have a careful look around you today and you’ll discover fascinating things that God is doing to get your attention, draw you closer to Him and have fellowship with you.

God wants to move us forward in life towards a greater future. It took a burning bush for Moses, a bright light for Saul & a Juniper bush in the middle of nowhere for Elijah but each was able to hear from God and do great things. Keep an ear out for God and join us on this amazing journey into the plans & purposes of God.

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Spring Cleaning…

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Psalm 119:11 “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I may not sin against You”

Have you ever been “spring cleaning” only to find an old wallet or purse? When you open it up there’s a little money hidden inside. You’d forgotten all about it but nonetheless it was safely stored away awaiting your discovery. It felt great to find that money.

Today’s verse reminds us of something we should be hiding in our heart like we hide money in a wallet. We’re told to cover, hoard and reserve God’s Word in our heart so that it brings protection. Whenever we hide His Word in our heart we’re enabling it to become a part of our today and also to form our tomorrow. When God’s Word is in our heart it protects us from sin.

God’s Word only gets into our heart if we put it there. Putting it there involves reading, speaking & remembering it. As we speak God’s Word out aloud our ears will hear it and it will go into our heart. As we keep pondering on it, praying about it and speaking it out it’ll go even deeper.

This week let’s change our future by hiding more of God’s Word in our hearts. Even if it’s only a single verse this week lets get it into our heart. Once it’s there it’ll stop us from sinning and will begin to change our future. God’s future for you is powerful so hide His Word in your heart and let His protection surround you today.

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