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“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” “For there the LORD has commanded his blessing, even life forevermore” Psalm 133:1,3

Have you ever watched soldiers marching drill? As their commander yells out directions they obey instantly and completely. They move as one unit, at one time in one direction. When the next order is issued they all turn as one and move as instructed. They’re in complete unity. This is why a drill almost becomes a beautiful work of art that we want to keep watching.

Today’s verse tells us about unity in God’s Kingdom. When believers live a life of unity with other believers it becomes a beautiful artwork. The bible says that unity causes our lives to be both good and pleasant. We’re not a corrupt and antagonistic work of discord like the devil’s kingdom. Whenever believers are unified it is both good & pleasant and so God commands a blessing upon all those involved.

Whenever we’re in unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ, just like the soldiers marching drill, the next command will cause a rapid change of direction. Our very next heavenly command will lead us towards Blessing. This is a command that produces a greater life forevermore to all involved. But if we’re not unified we’re neither good, pleasant or blessed of God.

This week let’s get unified with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Let’s find the common ground that will take us into blessing rather than walking the destructive track of selfish opinion and disagreement. It takes both humility and grace to be able to do this but God promises that when we do He sees our lives as good and pleasant. Then He commands a blessing on all involved. Get ready to be blessed again this week!

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“…nevertheless at your word I will…” Luke 5:5

As the race began at school the teacher would shout, “On your mark, get ready, go!” This meant to move to the starting point, get ready to move, then run. If we weren’t at the right place and prepared we would run too early or late and not produce the best result. Success involved both listening & obedience to what was spoken.

Today’s verse includes both listening & obedience. Simon says that no matter what is happening [or has happened in the past] as soon as God speaks he’s going to obey. Circumstances, surroundings and opinions don’t enter in. As soon as God spoke Simon was ready.

There are many things that attempt to steal our focus from obeying God. People, media & wrong thought patterns are just a few. Disobedience turns what should be a brilliant victory into a foolish disaster. God’s instructions are never wrong and it’s usually our lack of focus and obedience that causes dismal failure.

This week let’s be like Simon and prepare to enter a new realm of success. Let’s forget about the past, release any thinking that opposes God’s Word and then get ready to quickly obey what He says. Foolish disasters and dismal failure will fade away as we listen to and quickly obey God. We’ll step forward into a brilliant future that advances with every great decision that we make

Oswald Chambers: “The golden rule for understanding spiritually is not intellect, but obedience. If a man wants scientific knowledge, intellectual curiosity is his guide; but if he wants insight into what Jesus Christ teaches, he can only get it by obedience.

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“…and when you have done everything you could, you will be able to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13

Many people travel vast distances and spend a great deal of money to see the “Wonders of the world”. These are majestic places that the storms of nature and the ravages of time have not been able to destroy. Some are natural, others man made but each has remained. It’s because they stand that people are inspired and want to see them at least once in their lifetime.

Today’s verse let’s us know that we’re enabled to stand firm just like the “Wonders of the world.” The preceding few verses instructs us to do everything both in the natural and spiritual that we can. Then we’re told to simply stand, stay firm and to be fixed & established. Now this sounds easier than it actually is especially when the storms of life are lashing and nothing seems to be going right.

Standing firm takes a strong decision on the part of the believer. It takes choosing God’s Word and His ways above everything we hear, see, feel or want. It means taking God’s side when everyone we know is heading in another direction. It’s accepting nothing less than the fullness God has planned for our future. That is how we, as believers, stand firm.

This week let’s remember that God has enabled us to stand. Let’s no longer yield to the world’s way of doing things but lets stand strong in our God and the power of His word. Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” So let’s inspire someone in our world by standing firm for God and before long we’ll be walking together in victory!

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“Whoever has ears, let them hear” Matthew 13:9

Have you ever been talking with someone only to discover that they’ve zoned out. Instead of hearing what you’re saying they’re just listening to the sound of your voice. If you ask a simple question they get a glazed look and don’t understand what you’re asking. It’s because there’s a big difference between listening and hearing.

Today’s verse is Jesus summation of the parable of the sower. He says if we have the ability to hear we should listen to and understand what He speaks. This means we should actively consider, perceive and comprehend what’s being said. Many believers listen to God’s Word but some have a difficulty hearing what’s being spoken directly to them.

Some believers have acquired the ability to hear and accept what the world and its media says rather than hearing and accepting what God’s Word speaks. The moment we’re born again we’re empowered to hear clearly from God and His Word. It takes an actual choice to ignore God’s Word over a situation. We’ve been given ears to consider, perceive and comprehend His voice and so we must do more than merely listen – we must hear & live what He says.

This week let’s hear God’s Word with a fresh set of ears. Instead of having the mindset “I’ve read this before” let’s take in every Word from our Bible readings as if it’s the first time we’ve heard it. Let’s receive God’s Word as being written personally to us and to our situation. Before long we’ll be feeling encouraged & empowered as life starts to become so much more enjoyable.

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“Abraham believed in the God who gives life to the dead and calls into existence those things that do not exist” Romans 4:17

Most people want what they see. If they’re watching a cooking show on TV they want that food. If they see a sporty car in a glossy magazine it’s the one they need. Large companies and movie studios make use of this weakness to advertise and sell products to many people. It works for them but it’s not how God’s Kingdom functions.

Today’s verse shows us clearly God’s way to move ahead in life. We’re told to believe, trust, commit & have faith in God. We’re to look at nothing else but God to form our future. He’ll cause life to enter where only death has been. He’ll cause darkness to flee as light enters in. He’ll ensure that every stench leaves our life and that the aroma of heaven remains.

We’re also told that God calls into existence things that don’t already exist. He did it in creation [Genesis 1] and He’s still doing it today. He’s speaking over our lives so they’ll become exactly what they’re meant to be [Jeremiah 29:11]. Rather than looking at what’s wrong around us let’s speak out our God’s future and let His Word form life’s road ahead.

This week let’s begin to re-fashion our future God’s way rather than the worlds. Let’s take our eyes off what we see and start speaking God’s Word to what needs to change. Before long we’ll notice life begin to adjust with new things existing where they never existed before. Simply believe, trust and speak God’s Word and get ready for a great future.

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