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Come with Us….

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“Come, let’s climb God’s Mountain” Isaiah 2:3

Climbing a mountain can be a solo or a group sport. Generally it’s more fun and safer to climb with others rather than alone. Scaling a mountain can be hard work but as we climb together we eventually get to celebrate together when we reach the peak. It’s a shared experience that everyone benefits from.

Today’s verse invites us to do the hard work of climbing with others. It encourages us to unite and push deeper into the revelation and understanding that God has for us. Just like climbing a mountain in the natural it’s not easy but it’s a whole lot more enjoyable doing it with others rather than struggling on alone.

As we climb higher into God our verse follows on to explain that God will show us the way He works so we can live the way we’re made. That is the mountain peak we’re heading to: living life God’s way! Each one of us has been fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 139:14] and when we do things God’s way our life becomes prosperous and flourishing.

This week let’s gather together some company to climb further towards God. Pray with a friend, read a book, listen to some preaching or someone sharing their journey of life. As we do this we’ll quickly learn from them. Then, in no time at all, we’ll conquer a peak on God’s mountain, celebrate together and still have the strength to push on and climb even higher together in God.

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Life Choice…

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“I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

Have you ever made a recipe and inadvertently omitted a vital ingredient? The result was something horrible rather than something wonderful. It may have looked bad, smelt bad or tasted disgusting. It was simply because a vital ingredient was missed out. An ingredient that was necessary for a successful outcome.

Today’s verse lets us know a vital ingredient for a successful life. We’re instructed to do ALL THINGS through Christ. When we do this Christ strengthens us. Many believers today live weak lives because they only ever do some things, rather than ALL THINGS, through Him.

If life seems unsuccessful & weak rather than giving up let’s change. If we just keep doing what we’ve always done nothing alters. Change is the key. Get into God’s Word, the Bible, and discover His way of doing every part of life. Then do what the Bible says. This is how we do ALL THINGS through Christ and that’s how He is able to strengthen us and cause us to be successful.

So, this week, remember that doing nothing is giving up. Don’t give up. Get into God’s Word and start bringing a different area each day under His Word. Live His way rather than yours and Christ will bring strength into your life. Before long discouragement will depart as His strength replaces it. God’s Word will always lead us to a successful and prosperous future.

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Double Take…

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“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

A “double take” is when we look at something surprising a 2nd time after looking at it moments earlier. We’ve all done this at some time. It may be a color, price, person or event. We didn’t expect to see it and so we look a 2nd time to make sure we can believe our own eyes.

Today’s verse lets us know about God’s double take. We’re told that loving God enables Him to prepare things for us that will be hard for us to comprehend. They’ll be things we haven’t seen, heard or imagined before. They’ll cause us to double take and have a second look because they’re so amazing.

Now remember that everything God does is real. What He does will ultimately surprise us & we’ll probably double take when we see it. This I know: When God’s prepares it, I’m going after it. God says He’ll provide when we simply love Him. So don’t allow anything ahead of your love for God. It’s only when we love Him first that we can love anything else we have.

This week let’s do a love inventory. Let’s ensure that loving God is our number 1 priority. Let’s make sure it’s ahead of loving our sports, cars, parties and people. When God is loved first He prepares a future that’s better than we have ever seen, heard or imagined. It’s the future I’m going after so why not make it the one you’re pursuing too. Loving God above everything else will produce the very best future!

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Look Ahead…

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“Jesus is not here” Matthew 28:6

Have you ever lost or misplaced something? Continued searching in familiar places yields no result. Ultimately you go back and re-check the same places you’ve already looked even though it was clearly not there. Eventually you discover your lost treasure in a completely different place. You have it back, you’re happy again and you take care not to repeat the experience.

In today’s verse the 2 Mary’s have just returned to keep vigil at Jesus tomb. This was the place where Jesus was meant to be. On their arrival an angel tells them Jesus is not there. Then the angel tells them 3 very important things…

  1. Jesus is risen from the dead
  2. Jesus is going on ahead of them
  3. They’ll see him there

It would’ve been useless for Mary to stay and keep checking the same old tomb in the hope that Jesus would suddenly appear. If she truly wanted to see Jesus again she’d have to follow Him because He was now ahead of her. Jesus was in her future.

Often believers look to their past in the hope they’ll find Jesus where He used to be. The truth is Jesus has moved ahead of us. He’s now in our future and if we follow Him we’ll see Him. Standing at the tomb of past failure, defeat or hurt will not produce a result. It’s when we get up, get on and follow Jesus that we receive what we need.

This week let’s leave the tombs of death behind – Jesus isn’t there. It’s time to passionately pursue Him into our future by obeying God’s Word. As we take steps forward, leaving death behind, we’ll see Jesus. He is our life, future and hope but only if we decide to leave the tomb and follow Him!

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