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An Island Getaway…

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“Whoever isolates himself pursues his own desire; he resists all sound advice” Proverbs 18:1

Sometime when life gets hectic & overwhelming our mind starts looking for an escape. Our imagination takes us to a deserted tropical Island where there is nothing but a palm tree, hammock and a cool drink. We live like a castaway with no pressure, people or things to do. This Island getaway is simply a trap. Isolating ourselves is not the answer to our problems or to the pressures of life.

Today’s verse says that isolation isn’t God’s way. God created each of us and He knows what’s best for us. God said at creation [Genesis 2:18] that it isn’t good, beneficial or pleasing for us to be isolated. Today’s verse explains why. When we separate ourselves from others we’re breeding selfishness. We are seeking our own desire rather than God’s. Isolating ourselves will not solve any problem or release any of life’s pressure. We’re simply trapping & hurting ourselves.

Our verse continues on to reminds us that if we selfishly persist in isolation we will end up resisting all sound advice & wisdom. This includes the rich treasure of wisdom from God’s Word and also input from His counsel in our lives [Proverbs 15:22]. Isolation will take us on a road to destruction that is not intended for the born-again believer.

This week let’s getaway from the Islands of isolation that we have escaped to. Let’s reconnect with Godly people who we may have carelessly pulled away from. Let’s build some new bridges with other Christians who are reaching out to help us. Let’s be vigilant not to repeat our destructive past by isolating and separating from others. Then get ready because in no time at all life will flourish.

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The Secret to Peace…

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“The Lord makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside peaceful waters”
Psalm 23:2

Have you ever had an overwhelming day? A day where everything demands your attention and nothing seems easy to complete. As your day progresses you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and giving up on everything. For some people this isn’t just a day it’s a reflection of their whole life. God doesn’t intend His Children to live this way

Today’s verse provides a solution to this problem. It tells us that God has a place for us lo lie down, stretch out & receive peace rather than giving up. God provides a place for every believer but it’s not always easy to enter. We’re told that God has to make us lie down, stretch out and enter His peace. It’s vitally important that we do this and stay there to be refreshed and reenergized for the season ahead.

So how do we enter our place of refreshing? Psalm 23:1 says that it’s simply by making the Lord our Shepherd. In other words we’re able to lie down, stretch out and receive peace by doing things God’s way; the way He says in the Bible. When we struggle on trying to make our own lives less overwhelming life always seems to get worse. God wants to lead us into His place of peace and refreshing and away from the turmoil that we’ve experienced.

This week don’t throw your hands up and surrender to your circumstances. Instead lets receive from God by letting go of our own agendas and ways of doing things. God’s Word must be allowed to guide us to His place of peace. A place where we can lie down, stretch out and receive His refreshing. As we do this we’ll soon discover our future is clearer, our path is brighter, and our tomorrow is so much greater than our yesterday.

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What’s in your bag…

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“And God has placed in the Church” 1 Corinthians 12:28

We’re told about a young boy named David, in 1st Samuel 17, who took 5 stones from a brook and placed them in his shepherds bag. He later took a single stone from this bag to kill a giant named Goliath. If there had been nothing in his bag Goliath would have triumphed. But 1 stone in David’s sling killed a giant that was tormenting a whole nation.

Today’s verse let’s us know that God has armed us with weapons for victory. They’ve been placed in our shepherds’ bag, which is His Church. He has specifically located them there so when a giant problem presents itself we’ve got just the right stuff to conquer it.

Here’s some of what God’s placed in the shepherd’s bag, the Church [1 Corinthians 12:28]:

  • Apostles
  • Prophets
  • Teachers
  • Miracle Workers
  • Healers
  • Helpers
  • Organizers
  • Diversities of tongues

So, no matter what giants stand before us, threatening to kill us, God has already placed gifts in the church that we should use. God provided them for our victory. Many believers carelessly disregard how necessary they are to winning. They never access God’s gifts and they seldom ever walk in victory. God placed these gifts in the church before we needed them so we can win daily.

This week connect afresh to your local church. It may not seem perfect but it is the shepherds’ bag that contains the gifts that we need to have victory over every giant problem we face. Access these gifts in your church and not only will you have victory over your problems but you’ll also be solving problems for the whole nation.

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Growing Up…

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“God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth and tell it in love – like Christ in everything” Ephesians 4:15

Have you ever had a potted plant that used to flourish but now seems to be struggling for survival? When originally planted it grew quickly but now very little seems to be happening. It’s probably a pot-bound plant. This means that the roots have filled the pot, leaving them no room to expand. The plant can’t grow any further unless we expand the pot so it can flourish again.

Today’s verse let’s us know that God wants us to flourish. He doesn’t want us pot-bound and struggling in life. Many believers lives are so constricted by their past experiences and opinions that every day is a battle to simply survive – let alone grow. God wants us to expand, grow & become greater each and every day of our lives.

To do this we need to be a seeker of truth every day. Our Bible contains every truth that we need to know to experience a life that flourishes. Any life that’s constricted & root-bound isn’t for us. We should read & study God’s Word daily to enlarge our understanding and grow up in God continually.

This week let’s challenge ourselves to break loose from our past, expand beyond our comfort zone and get growing in God. As we read & study God’s Word we’ll be able to express them, with the love of God, to others. Christ will become the center of everything we do and everything we do will be centered around Christ. Any area in our life that was previously constricted will soon break down and we’ll have a life that’s expanding and flourishing like never before.

“Make sure of your commitment to Jesus Christ, and seek to follow Him every day. Don’t be swayed by the false values and goals of this world, but put Christ and His will first in everything you do.”
Billy Graham


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