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“Whatever I have, Wherever I AM I CAN make it through ANYTHING
in the One who makes me who I am” Philippians 4:13

Have you ever been stranded in a remote place with little money and no one to help you? It’s a lonely & anxious experience and we often say in frustration “I just can’t do this!” But it’s amazing what clever ideas and ingenuous plans we come up with to escape to a place of safety and security.

Today’s verse delivers a powerful truth about our future safety and security. We’re told that it doesn’t matter what we have, it doesn’t matter where we are, we can make it through ANYTHING!

Friend, you can make it through ANYTHING!
If you’re in a place of sickness you can make it through to health
If you’re in a place of poverty you can make it through to a land of plenty
If you’re in a place of despair you can make it through to happiness & joy

All we need to do is pick our destination and then allow Jesus [the One who makes me who I am] to take us on the journey. As we continually do things His way the loneliness, anxiety & despair depart as our new destination nears.

This week let’s depart from any form of loneliness, anxiety & despair. Remind yourself every single day “I AM & I CAN”. If your life seems frustrating and progress seems difficult why not take time to listen to the audio below. It’ll help inform, equip and strengthen you in this truth. It will help you know who you are, what you can do and how you can reach a better destination successfully.

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Think Big…

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“Make your tents large, spread out! Think BIG!” Isaiah 54:2

Have you ever watched how much food some people serve themselves at a smorgasbord? They’re in a place that has few limits and abundant resources. They pile up their plates returning as often & as frequently as they can. They aren’t thinking small at the smorgasbord, they’re thinking BIG!

Today’s verse let’s us know that we should be thinking BIG in life. We are to make large tents. A tent represents what we inhabit & what we surround our lives with. We’re told our lives should be large not small. Continuing on we’re instructed to spread out & think even bigger. Many believers rob themselves of what God has because they continue to think small. When we think BIG we get BIG results

It’s possible for us to be in a place of great prosperity and live in a small tent of poverty or be in a place of total freedom and live in a small cage of bondage. The Bible says to live large, spread out & think BIG! That’s how God wants us to live and how Paul explained life in 2 Corinthians 6:11-13.

This week let’s make our lives large. Let’s spread out and think Big! If you feel like your life is fenced in & small then discover how to live an open and expansively one by listening to the audio below. It’ll help inform, equip and strengthen you in this truth. It will help you to think big thoughts, nurture them and then think even bigger in the future.

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Think Big!


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How to think BIG & not just think 

As we think BIG thoughts we grow a BIG future  

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“Passion for God’s house will consume me.” Psalm 69:9, John 2:17

Has your car ever run out of petrol? Being stranded is always bothersome & inconvenient. It takes time to locate a petrol station plus money to fill that empty tank. We quickly learn that a car without petrol is a car that’s going nowhere. Sometimes believers get stranded in life. It’s often because they lack fuel to move forward. The fuel they lack is called passion.

Today’s verse lets us know that there’s passion available for us. Popular author John Maxwell says “Vision without passion is a picture without possibilities.” In other words passion fuels everything with endless possibility. Everyone needs passion and we have access to it through God’s House. There’s so much there that it can totally consume us. We will become passion rather than just having it.

A lack of passion is like living life looking at pictures rather than experiencing the real thing. A passionate life is simply built by connecting with God’s House, the Church. When we do, passion starts to consume us and we start to be consumed by passion. Where we felt stranded in the past we now feel confident and we are fueled up to move forward into the future.

This week let’s start getting passionate about every area of our lives. If you’re feeling stranded or if you need to discover how to rekindle your passion, grow your passion, or redirect your passion why not listen to the audio below. It’ll help inform, equip and strengthen you in this truth. It can put fuel in your empty tank and it can get you moving forward in life again.

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Don’t Forget…

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“Bless God my soul, don’t forget a single blessing!”
Psalm 103:2

Have you ever needed to count a large number of items (stocktaking is an excellent example)? It’s very frustrating when someone unexpectedly interrupts causing you to have to recount the same items again. They broke your focus and so the count was lost from your memory.

Today’s verse encourages us not to lose focus on what God is doing in and around our lives. David tells his soul it has to bless God whether it wants to or not. In other words he’s telling his soul, mind & intellect to keep focused on the task at hand. That task was thanking God for all the blessings that surrounded his life. His soul was not to forget even one single blessing.

The key to keeping focus on what God’s doing in our lives is to always bless Him for them; no matter what happens. A bad day, a relationship breakdown or receiving a bad report mustn’t stop us. Don’t let any blessing drop from your memory. God is the giver of good gifts & we should bless Him for each and every one.

This week it’s time to have a good talk to our souls. Like David, let’s tell our souls exactly what they need to do. They need to Bless God and not forget a single thing that we’ve received. As we focus on this we’ll discover a future framed by our blessings that is full of future and hope. That’s what we want & we’re sure that’s the future you desire too.

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