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A Thrilling Ride…

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“Instead you thrill to God’s Word” Psalm1:2

Theme parks & funfairs are packed full of high adrenaline rides and activities. Some people will travel across continents and oceans just to experience what they offer. They wait hours in line just to feel the exhilaration & excitement of one ride. They enjoy the thrill that they get, the memories they’re creating and the stories they’ll share with others. This all comes from a short minute’s journey on a carnival ride.

Today’s verse lets us know how we, as believers, can get a genuine thrill in life. This thrill comes as we take a promise from God’s Word, apply our faith and never give up until we see that promise working in our lives. The thrill that this gives will build the greatest memories and produce stories that will inspire and activate others into action in God’s kingdom. The problem is that too many believers are looking for their thrills in all the wrong place.

This verse commences with the word “Instead”. This shows that society looks everywhere else for it’s thrill rather than God’s Word. People will look to money, entertainment, addictions and their friends for their thrills. So instead of looking everywhere else let’s look into God’s Word and we’ll quickly discover where the greatest thrills exist.

This week let’s refocus on the exhilaration & excitement that’s found only in God’s Word. Try grabbing a promise that you desire from His treasury and then apply your faith to it. Don’t give up until you see that promise transforming your situation & life. Let the thrill of this success direct you back into His Word to pick up yet another promise. Let them build your memories and don’t forget to share your thrilling stories with everyone you meet.

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Fail Proof…

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“For no word from God will ever fail” Luke 1:37

Words are an extremely powerful & creative force [Proverbs 18:21]. Each day people allow words to stream from their mouths oftentimes unhindered and unchecked. Every word that we hear leaves us with a choice to either accept or disregard it. The words we don’t disregard are the ones that fashion and form our future.

Today’s verse lets us know that when we receive God’s Word it never fails to produce abundantly good fruit in our lives. God’s Word produces success, future and hope in every situation. Even if it seems impossible when we allow God’s Word to enter, things begin to move & change. But we must receive His Word to obtain its benefits [1 Thessalonians 2:13].

People will often speak encouraging words to each other. Other times the words shared are harmful and destructive. We must refuse to accept the wrong words and replace them with what God’s Word says. GOD’S WORD WILL NEVER FAIL US! Whenever we accept what God says we’ll get Godly results. These results will transform and renew every part of our lives.

This week lets take a moment to refuse the harmful and destructive words that have been spoken to us. Let’s take God’s Word and replace the bad words with what He says. Let’s allow the “Word that never fails” to transform us towards a flourishing future. It’s a future that’s filled with God’s purpose & plan. It’s a future where the impossible changes into the possible. It’s the future we want, so let’s do it.

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“Let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life”
1 Peter1:15

In a game of tug-a-war it’s not always the strongest side that wins. Tug-a-war is as much about strategy as it is about strength. In the game each team gathers on their respective sides, tension the rope and pull. With sure footing, endurance and proven tactics the winners are the ones who perform the best.

Today’s verse reminds us that the team we’re on, God’s team, gives us what we need to perform the best. We’ve got sure footing [1 Corinthians 3:11], endurance [Matthew 24:13] and proven tactics [Psalm 18:30]. Whenever we’re in a battle they’ll cause us to win. They’ll leave us with a victorious life that is shaped like God’s. But if we don’t allow God’s Word to pull & shape us we’ll lose the victorious life we’re meant to live.

Losing focus of a Godly life these days is easy. The world barrages us with images, voices and a culture that tries to influence us into an ungodly life. This verse reminds us that God’s life has an even stronger pull. But we must let ourselves be pulled & shaped by it. This will take continual decisions based on our sure footing [1 Corinthians 3:11], endurance [Matthew 24:13] and proven tactics [Psalm 18:30].

This week lets decide afresh that God’s way is the only way to live a victorious life. When we’re in a tug-a-war that’s trying to drag us away from Him lets stand firm, endure and use His promises to pull us into His way of living. Before long the battle will be over, the victory will be ours and the future will seem so much better than the past. We’ll be pulled into a life that’s energetic and blazing with holiness.

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The Return Policy…

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“If you return, then I will restore you” Jeremiah 15:19

Each of us has gone a little off course at some time in life. Circumstances, pressures and bad decisions may cause us to move away from what we know is best. When we’ve discovered that our direction was not the greatest it’s easy to feel like there’s no way back. We may feel isolated, separated and alone but returning to God’s plan is not as difficult as many may think.

Today’s verse gives us reassurance as to God’s heart and God’s ways. Jeremiah simply reminds us that as soon as we repent, returning to God’s way, God’s there ready to bring restoration. It matters little whether we’ve strayed a long or a short way from His Word. When we return to Him He brings restoration. He helps to keep us moving forward in His purpose & His plan towards a greater future.

Many find themselves in hopeless areas of life. These areas can seem darker than night and so lonely & distant that the goal of a better life seems almost impossible. When we apply God’s Word to these areas we quickly discover the restoration power that God pours out. We start moving away from these areas of devastation into the realms of possibility that are only found in our God.

This week let’s not allow circumstances, pressures & bad decisions to lead us away from God any longer. Lets locate these areas of hopelessness that we may be carrying, bring them to God, apply His Word and allow Him to restore, renew and revitalize us. Before long we’ll be looking forward into a greater future that is infinitely more than we might ask or think. [Ephesians 3:20]

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