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Holy Pockets…

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Your wages disappear as though you’re putting them in pockets filled with holes! Haggai 1:6

It’s happened to us all at one time or another. We’ve placed a precious item into our pocket only to discover that it’s missing when we’ve gone to retrieve it. We quickly discover a hole. If we’d known about the hole we would’ve repaired it. Now the treasure is gone and if we don’t fix it everything will keep disappearing.

This week’s verse tells us about something we can all relate to. It tells us about lack. It talks about not having enough to cover our needs. The prophet Haggai says that we can work hard, earn plenty of wages but still not pay for everything. We come up short every week. It’s like there are holes in the pockets where our wages are kept. God’s solution to this is for us to “Consider our ways” [Haggai 1:7]

So, what ways should we be considering if we want to mend the holes in our lives? God says we should consider this: “My house lies in ruins, while all of you are busy building your own fine house”[Haggai 1:9]. To mend the holes throughout our lives we must think about how we’re going to contribute to the building of God’s magnificent House, the Church. Once we do this we’re to act on it & make it happen. This will transform our pockets holes into holy pockets & give us access to God’s powerful promises of provision.

This week let’s take a frank & honest look at what we’re building with our lives, finances & friendships. Are we building God’s House, the Church, or are we simply building our own personal castles? God’s House is built when we use our lives, finances & friendships to strengthen & increase His Church. It’s not good enough to simply think about it, we must actually do it! Then, before long, the holes in our lives will begin to mend giving us a future that’s expansive & full.

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A Wandering Mind…

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“Bless the LORD, O my soul”
Psalm 103:1,2 – Psalm 103:22 – Psalm 104:1,35

Does your mind ever wander? Sometimes it happens in the middle of what might be an important presentation or conversation. It happens exactly when we should be concentrating. At these times we find our mind churning through “to do” lists, future plans or even holiday destinations. We’re often embarrassingly snapped back when someone asks a question or demand a comment. Our mind was being lazy, escaping rather than paying attention.

Today’s verse describes what David did to make his mind work properly. 5 times in Psalms he instructs his soul to Bless the Lord. Our soul embraces our mind, will & emotions. Our soul is designed to praise and bless God, enjoy his friendship & delight in his favor. Unfortunately many people seldom use their mind, will & emotions for this. They just let them do what they want to do, unhindered.

Like David, the most effective thing we can do is to speak to our mind and make it do what it needs to do. Even when it doesn’t want to. Joshua was told to make his mind speak & meditated on God’s Word [Joshua 1:8], Paul told us to make our mind give thanks in all things [1 Thessalonians 5:18, Ephesians 5:20]. When we make our mind work, rather than be lazy, we pay attention to all the promises, blessings & hope that God has for us.

This week let’s wake our minds up by speaking to them. Let’s not accept a lazy or disinterested response. Let’s employ our minds appropriately in God’s Word. Let’s read, speak & meditate on God’s Word. Let’s make our souls give thanks for everything that is happening. Then, before long, our minds will be alert, excited and passionate to go further & deeper into the things of God.

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Everything Needed…

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“Our Father in heaven” Matthew 6:9-13

One of the first prayers we learn, even as a child, is the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus taught this simple prayer to His disciples telling them to “pray this way”. This prayer is recited by multitudes of believers worldwide every day. Some believers understand its power and how it can ignite & increase our faith. Many however do not and the prayer is just a ritual of obedience & religion.

Today’s verses commence with “Our Father in heaven.” It is essential that He is our source & supply of everything. When we need anything at all our first port of call must be God. It shouldn’t be our financial advisors, legal team or even our treasured family members. When we approach God first we open up the infinite treasures of His promises. These treasures provide all the wisdom, hope & favour we’ll need. When we go to God first we empower Him to direct us to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

In the verses following Jesus demonstrates 4 vital areas that should always be taken to God first…

  1. Provision >> “Give us” v11
  2. Direction >> “Lead us” v13
  3. Protection >> “Deliver us” v13
  4. Pardon >> “Forgive us” v12

This week let’s empower God to connect us with the answers of His promises. If we need provision, direction, protection or pardon let’s do what Jesus said. Let’s take it in prayer to our Father first. Let’s be open, honest & real in our prayer so we can receive all the wisdom, hope & favour we’ll need. Then start giving thanks to Him for what He will do [1 Thessalonians 5:18]. Before long we’ll be looking at our answer, excited that we did it God’s way & got His results.

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Living the Dream…

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“The LORD was with him”
Genesis 39:2, 3, 21, 23

Do you have a God dream of the future that you’re still waiting to see? These dreams easily ignite our passion, fill us with hope & we can’t easily set them aside. They consume our thinking, fuel our passion & inspire us with great excitement. Other people might not understand them but they’re our dream, our future & our hope. We just want to see them happen.

Today’s verse tells us about the dreamer Joseph. God gave him amazing dreams concerning his future. But these dreams were Joseph’s destination not his reality. The journey to them proved difficult, confusing & at times extremely disappointing. As Joseph held onto his dreams everybody forgot about him. Except God! The Lord was with him when no one else was.

The Lord protected, prospered & promoted Joseph on this journey. God gave him favor & blessing as he diligently took care of what had been entrusted to him. Then in one day Joseph was promoted from the prison to the palace and he lived out the dreams that God had given him. We can live out our dreams in the same way.

This week remember that God wants us to live out the dreams He’s given to us. We must be like Joseph and diligently take care of everything God entrusts to us on the journey. Even when others fail or forget us remember that God is with us. He has solid plans to protect, prosper & promote us. As we move through God’s journey He’ll get us from the prison to the palace. Then we’ll be walking in the fullness of the dreams we dreamt.

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