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Take the Limits off…

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“I am the Lord, the God of all people. Nothing is too difficult for me”
Jeremiah 32:27

If there were no speed limits on a highway how fast would we drive? Some would drive fast enough to get to their destination on time whilst others might speed up to arrive early. Some would leave late making up lost time on the way. Others might drive slowly taking in the scenery arriving whenever they get there. Even if there weren’t a set limit each individual would limit themselves.

Today’s verse lets us know that there are no limits in God. Limits are simply anything that restricts & confines. For example, a speed-limited vehicle is restricted to a much lower speed than what it was built for. If we take the limits off it’ll move faster, go further & achieve more. In the same way when our limits are taken off we can move faster, go further and achieve so much more than before. When our limits are removed we can maximize our full potential.

God has no limits to what He can do but we often limit Him. Whenever we limit Him we limit ourselves. We restrict our future and end up with a life not quite as full as we had hoped. When we remove our limits we release God to lead us to our full potential, achieving everything He purposed & planned for our lives [Jeremiah 29:11]

This week let’s take the limits off of God [Psalm 78:41]. Let’s release Him from the box we’ve restricted Him to. Let’s start to dream again, believe again and regain our faith in Him. Start to actually believe that “Nothing is too difficult for him” and that “Nothing is impossible for Him” [Matthew 19:26, Luke 1:37]. As we form our lives around His Word our limits are removed and our future is empowered to reach its full potential.

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Location, Location, Location…

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“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord”
Jeremiah 17:7

A golden rule in real estate investment is “location, location, location”. In other words where a property is located is often more valuable than the bricks & mortar that make up the building. The best house in a bad location is seldom as valuable as the worst house in the best location. The better the location, the better the return on the investment.

Today’s verse let’s us know the prime location that will produce the best return from our lives. That location is always trusting in God. The previous verses in Jeremiah 17 let us know some of the perils of trusting in man & flesh. Psalm 20:7 also reminds us to put our trust in God and nothing else. As we trust God, investing into this prime location, we’ll become blessed and our future will be changed.

Choosing to trust in ourselves, our own strength & way of doing things is investing in the wrong location. This location can’t produce the promised blessing no matter how hard we try. We must trust in God and His way of doing things to enter into a life that is blessed, abundant & generous.

This week let’s not allow God’s promise of an amazing future to elude us any longer. Let’s take the rule of “location, location, location” and cause it to produce blessings in our lives. Let’s start by selecting 3 areas in life where we have been struggling to make it work in our own strength & our own way. Then trust these 3 areas to God releasing & allowing Him to lead us to our victory. In no time at all we’ll be one who trusts in the Lord and is abundantly Blessed.

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Blank Pages…

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Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith
Hebrews 12:2

There’s a certain joy and expectation we get as we read a book. It matter little if it’s fictional or factual, a novel or a biography. If it has a great story line it captures our interest and drags us in. The story unfolds page-by-page as the plot grows chapter-by-chapter. We feel every mountain & valley that the author describes as we’re led towards the conclusion of the story.

In today’s verse Paul tells us that our life is like a book and has an author. The author of our life is Jesus. He’s writing our life page-by-page and chapter-by-chapter. He is continually taking us forward on our journey to the future. Our life has no blank pages. When we make Jesus the author of our life every page is filled and every page is complete. Whether we’re in the valley or on the mountain we have the victory.

We may not know exactly what’s going to happen on the next page of our life but Jesus does. He’s already penned that page and it includes His plan to prosper us with a future & hope [Jeremiah 29:11]. If we selfishly try to write our own story, rather than let Jesus, we end up having to endure through our own abilities. With Jesus as our author we become equipped & empowered for an amazing future.

This week let’s stop writing our own story and enter a new chapter instead. Let’s allow Jesus to take over the future manuscript of our life. Let’s release every anxiety that’s built up in us to Him [1 Peter 5:7]. Then, with Jesus as the authors & finisher of our story, we’ll be recipients of a great future. It will become a future that’s filled with His hope, His love & His prosperity.

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“I am convinced that nothing can ever
separate us from the Love of God”
Romans 8:38

Have you ever been vacuuming and taken one-step to far causing the power cord to disconnect from the socket? Everything stops. As we follow the cord back we quickly discover the problem. As soon as we reconnect the power we’re able to continue on with our task until it is completed. It was a momentary problem that was easily overcome.

In today’s verse Paul shares a powerful revelation concerning God’s agape love. He lets us know that we are inseparable from it. We’re told that no one has the power to break this bond. But sometimes we make decisions that cause us to disconnect. At these times we instantly feel drained and heavy. We feel as if someone has pulled out the plug.

The solution to overcoming these situations is as simple as following the cord back to the socket. We must track back through our decisions looking for the ones that disconnected us. Then as we make decisions based in His love we’ll reconnect & re-power. We’ll discover that it was a momentary problem that we easily overcame.

This week let’s make great decisions to stay connected to God through His agape love. If we’re feeling heavy or drained in this area let’s find our disconnection and put it right. Let’s not blame other people or circumstances. Let’s not make up excuses and reasons. Let’s find the problem, make the decisions and reconnect to the power of God’s Love. This will put us back on our journey and cause our future to be so much better than our past.

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