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Reaching You…

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“The LORD’s hand is not too short to deliver you”
Isaiah 59:1

Have you ever reached out to grab something only to discover that it’s just out of reach? Even stretching and moving doesn’t seem to close the gap. It may as well be miles away because we’re unable to physically touch it. If only our hand was a little longer we’d have it & be happy.

Today’s verse lets us know about God’s hand. We’re told that His hand is never short. It is able to touch everything that needs His touch. Isaiah is telling us that when God reaches his hand out He delivers & saves us. There is no time in our life when God doesn’t want to do this. Even when we feel we are far from Him He is still reaching into our lives to help.

In the book of Acts Stephen tells us that “God’s hand made everything” [Acts 7:50]. So when God reaches into our life he can create everything we need. Many people spend their lives running about playing cat & mouse with God. But when we are still & acknowledge Him [Psalm 46:10] His hand is able to save, heal & deliver us into our future.

This week let’s be still & acknowledge God [Psalm 46:10]. If we’ve been playing games with Him let’s stop and allow Him to reach out & touch our lives afresh. Let’s allow God to touch everything needed in our life. Let’s allow His hand to create our future. His hand makes everything, so why not let Him make you.

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“This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.”
Psalm 118:23

Have you ever had someone say “quick look at that” only to miss what they were pointing out. I’m sure this happens to most of us regularly. Some things appear so quickly that we have little time to focus & notice them. The only way to see them again in the future is to be ready & prepared to look at them on the next occasion.

Today’s verse prepares us for what we should be looking at in life. We’re told to look out for what the Lord is doing, not just what He’s already done. What God is doing is wonderful. We should constantly be prepared & focused to notice. Even the smallest things that God does are wonderful & magnificent. The smallest things He does easily surpass the greatest things that we are ever able to obtain without Him.

We need to understand that God is up to something right now in our lives. Right now we should be looking & preparing to see exactly what that is. It is going to be something wonderful, magnificent & valuable. It is going to be something we desire & something that we really want. But we’ll fail to see it if we aren’t prepared to look.

This week let’s not look at our problems, pain or difficulties. Lets look at what the Lord is doing instead. He is doing something wonderful in our lives. It isn’t something hidden or disguised. We’ll see it easily, we’ll know it’s from God and we’ll know it’s for us. So don’t look away. Look right at what God’s doing in your life this week and then don’t break gaze with Him as you enter a magnificent future.

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Don’t Forget This…

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Remember the LORD your God.
He is the one who gives you the ability to be successful

Deuteronomy 8:18

Have you ever struggled to remember a word? It’s often a simple word. It’s often a word we know we should know. It’s right on the tip of our tongue but we just can’t remember it. Given a little time the word pops into our mind and we think to ourselves “How could I not have remembered that!”

Today’s verse lets us know the importance of remembering. We’re told that we should remember the “one who gives” = the Lord our God. We should remember Him not just for who He is but for what He desires to accomplish in our lives. God is the “one who gives” all the strength & efficiency needed to be successful and prosper. Without Him life will descend into chaos, difficulty & unfruitfulness.

Whenever success seems to elude us, or daily life seems to crush in, it’s possible that we’ve forgotten something vital. We’ve forgotten the “one who gives”. We need to remember the Lord our God. We must remember the strength He gives. We must remember the purpose, plan & future He has for us. As we remember Him we receive from Him. He enables our future. He brings forth His promises & delivers pleasure in the day’s ahead.

This week let’s prepare for our future success. Let’s take our most difficult & troublesome areas of life & remember God in them. Let’s release them from our control to His. Let’s make Him the complete Lord over these things. Then, get ready to receive from the “one who gives”. Receive His strength & His efficiency. Receive what ‘s needed to build the future. The Lord our God will give us everything we need for our future that’s successful & happy.

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To Be Continued…

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“He who began a good work in you will continue it on to completion…”
Philippians 1:6

There’s nothing like being on a winning team. Each member trains harder, focuses sharper & achieves more simply because of the team’s success. Everything seems to be achieved quicker. Difficulties are conquered easier & there’s joy & happiness in the lives of everyone involved.

Today’s verse lets us know we’re on a winning team. From the time we gave our lives to Jesus He’s been working with us towards victory. Our verse explains that Jesus began the work, He’ll continue the work & He’s going to complete the work. But if we never allow Jesus to begin His work then we’ll never see Him complete it.

We’re all a work in progress. Jesus is working with each & every believer to deliver them to victory. But we must let Jesus into the difficult areas of our life to allow Him to begin & complete His work.

Every situation, difficulty or hardship we face in life will fit into one of these 3 areas:

  1. Jesus is beginning His work in it
  2. Jesus is continuing His Work in it
  3. Jesus is completing His work in it

Once we understand where it fits we can confidently leave it with Him until it’s finished.

This week let’s give the difficult areas of our life to Jesus. Allow Him to begin His Work in them. Let Him continue unhindered. Once Jesus has completed His work start giving thanks & praise to Him like never before. We’re on a winning team with Jesus. Let’s live life victoriously by allowing Him to begin, continue & complete His work in our lives this week.

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Special Delivery…

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“The God whom we serve is able to deliver us”
Daniel 3:17

Have you ever waited for a special delivery? Once it’s received we’re overjoyed. But the process of delivery commenced long before this. The process started when we 1st saw the item and placed our order. The delivery was simply the culmination of a very long & complicated process. If we hadn’t ordered the item we would’ve never have received it.

Today’s verse reminds us of a similar truth in God’s Word. If we expect God to deliver us then we must be serving Him by doing life His way. If we stubbornly pursue our own agenda’s and dysfunctional way of living we can’t expect to receive anything. If we persist in doing life the way the world & well meaning people tell us, then there will be little available for us. When we serve God He is able to deliver us through every trial we face.

In this verse Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego were about to face a very fiery trial [Daniel 3]. They knew exactly where their trust was placed. They had lived their lives serving God so when they needed a special delivery they knew God would come through. They lived this way long before everything heated up. Similarly if we live our lives serving & trusting God whenever we need help God is able & ready to move.

This week let’s start preparing. Let’s not wait for life & circumstances to heat up. Lets prepare to receive a future delivery from God instead. Start by living a better life Gods way. Spend time in His Word; the Bible. Speak to Him and ask for His help in prayer. Consider Him and His Church in every decision that needs to be made. As we do this we enable God to be able to deliver us from every fiery trial into a future that is beyond what we could ask or think [Ephesians 3:20].

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