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A New Playlist…

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“Sing God a brand-new song!”
Psalm 96:1

Sometimes listening to the radio can get frustrating. It seems like every station is playing the same music, the same songs and the same playlist. It becomes so repetitive that people will often simply switch off. As soon as they release a new playlist with new songs everyone listens, engages and remains interested.

In today’s verse the psalmist reminds us that we must sing a brand-new song to God. Singing a new song will take our decision to stop singing the same old ones. Singing a new song will take effort, thought & learning but the result are well worth it. Our brand-new song will help build our future rather than force us to disconnect, stagnate & live in our past.

Some folk get stuck in life singing “the blues”. Everything that exits their mouth is about their worries, concerns and fears. That won’t change the future. A brand-new song for a brand New Year can. It’s the perfect time to develop a new song with new music and a new playlist. A song that God wants to listen to. One that’ll get Him interest & engaged with us.

This week let’s cause a new sound & a new song to come from our lips. Let’s do it for the New Year remembering that God understands & listens to every single sound we sing. Lets make it a song that’s filled with possibilities rather than pain. Lets make it a song that’s filled with faith rather than failure. A new song about our new life rather than our past or present prisons. As we sing our brand-new song to God our future will become more than we could ask or hope. [Ephesians 3:20]

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A Real Pearler…

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“All who heard the shepherds’ story were astonished”
Luke 2:18

In Australian slang a “Pearler” is something that’s really impressive. So if something goes beyond the norm, is better than could be expected or stands out in any way it’s a pearler. If someone tells a big, almost unbelievable story it’s called a “real pearler” but only if it’s true.

Today’s verse tells us about an almost unbelievable story that was told by the Shepherds. Every part of their story was true but it sounded like a real pearler. The story was about an angelic visitation & Jesus the messiah whom they had seen. It must have sounded unbelievable because everyone who heard it was astonished. But every part was true. It was just as the angels had told them [Luke 2:20].

Every born again Christian has a real pearler of a story to tell but few are willing or bold enough to share it. Right now people are looking, wanting our life’s results in their future. So why are we holing back? Why don’t we simply tell them the truth? [John 8:32] Share with them how encountering & receiving Jesus has set you up to win in life. Then get ready for them to be astonished.

This week is our week to tell a real pearler; an almost unbelievable but true story about what Jesus has done our lives. Don’t miss out anything. Include every mountaintop & every valley. Explain how the impossible became possible. How Jesus saves, heals & delivers us into a real pearler of a future.

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Wisdom’s Way…

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“We saw His star as it rose, and we have come to worship him”
Matthew 2:2

Often in life we see things and ignore them. This can result in something happening that is less than what we’d expected. Ignoring a red traffic light or a no walking sign for example can have devastating results. When we see something, we’ve seen it for a reason. When we respond correctly we receive a great result.

Today’s verse shows the great wisdom used by the 3 wise men at the birth of Jesus. When they saw His star rising they set out on a journey. Their destination was worshipping the Messiah. If they’d never taken action with what they’d seen they’d never have reached their destination. The bible would’ve been silent about them & their journey.

It’s easy to ignore what God is doing in our lives. If we use wisdom we’ll start worshipping Jesus the instant we see even a glimpse of what He’s doing. We may not even understand exactly what it’ll eventually look like. The moment we decide to worshipping Him with fervent thanks we’ve become wise. We know we’ll see His result in our lives.

This week let’s look to see. God is always doing something in our lives. He never sleeps [Psalm 121:4] but is continually working with us [Philippians 2:13]. So let’s look to see what He’s doing, then bring our worship & thankfulness to Him before we even see a result. As we continue on our worship journey we’ll receive the same results as the 3 wise men.

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Just Beautiful…

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“God has made everything beautiful in its time”
Ecclesiastes 3:11

As a child many of us probably remember hearing the story of the ugly duckling. How a homely little bird, born in a barnyard, was teased by all the other animals. The little bird didn’t look like what they expected. Much to its delight, as it grows up and matures it becomes a beautiful swan. What once seemed ugly has now become beautiful.

Today’s verse let’s us know God’s plan of beauty. His plan & purpose for everything is that it becomes beautiful. But we have to allow time for that to happen. Genesis 1:31 says that: “God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” So, everything God made is very good but we don’t always see it that way at first glance. Sometimes things can look awful, ugly and a little bit homely.

The longer we stay in God’s Word & His Presence the more beautiful things become. Given enough time everything can mature. What may have looked awful & ugly has the potential to become beautiful. But if we don’t allow the time for it to grow & mature, we’ll never see the splendor it contains.

This week let’s work on finding the beauty that surrounds us. If we notice something that is not as lovely as we expect, lets give it a little more time to grow & mature. Stay in God’s Word, continue worshipping Him believing that everything will be beautiful in its time. As we do this we’ll see ugly transform into beauty. What seemed like impossible at first glance will be possible & beautiful in its time.

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