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Unstable Times…

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“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”
Hebrews 13:8

In this day & age everything seems to be changing. Our favorite brands seem to be disappearing daily at the market whilst our technology seems to need updating constantly. There’s a continual stream of announcements about changed rules & rulers but everything seems insecure. With all this change we must find stability.

Today’s verse lets us know that the only stability in life comes from Jesus. He is the same yesterday & today & forever. Without Him we’d be swept into a maelstrom of change that would seem unbearable & unlivable. Jesus must be the anchor of our lives. He is unchangeable so we can have stability & peace on our journey forward.

This doesn’t mean that we should let our lives stagnate. We must always be open and ready for change. As change happens we must look to Jesus to find our stability. Even when life seems chaotic or out of control, Jesus is still our stability. He gives us continuity & opportunity for our future. Jesus is stable – the same yesterday and today and forever!

This week lets find our stability with Jesus. No matter what storm or unsteadiness comes our way let’s make Jesus our strong foundation [1 Corinthians 3:11]. Let’s build our lives His way so that they’re stable. Let’s live our lives His way so that they’re steady. Let’s keep holding onto His promises so we can enter a great future that’s filled with hope & joy.

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The Great Excuse…

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“In ALL your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make straight your paths”
Proverbs 3:6

Have you ever been around someone who is unthankful to God? Every good thing that happens in their life is excused as fate, good luck or is simply dispelled as chance. As their life winds down into further chaos you ask yourself how far down will they go till they hit rock bottom [Luke 15:17]. When will they realize that every good and perfect thing comes from God our Father [James 1:17].

Today’s verse let’s us know the power of recognizing God’s work in our lives. We’re told that as we acknowledge Him our paths are made straight. No longer do we wind along roads filled with complicated twists & turns. No longer do we trudge through life trying to see our destination. We have straight paths & clear vision to our future.

Now, everything in life doesn’t look like God plan at first glance. But, if we’re doing things His way, acknowledging Him, and walking uprightly [Psalm 84:11] we’re ensured that everything will work out. There will be celebration & joy [Psalm 30:11] where others experience pain, sadness & distress.

This week let’s acknowledge the working of God in ALL WE DO – no more excuses! It matters little whether things seem successful or not. Let’s acknowledge God in each & every one. Acknowledge His ability to turn anything around for our good [Romans 8:28]. Then, before long, we’ll discover our paths to the future are straight, clear and easy to follow.

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No Way…

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“Jesus said “I am THE WAY and the truth and the life…”
John 14:6

Have you ever been traveling to a destination only to accidently turn down a road or lane that was a dead-end? There’s absolutely no way forward. Remaining there would mean never reaching your destination. The only solution is to reverse out and continue along the right route. Before long the destination is safely reached.

Todays verse lets us know God’s way of reaching every destination in life. We’re told that Jesus is THE WAY. He is THE WAY to the father and when we follow Him we have victory. He is THE WAY around every dead end that’s placed before us. Whenever we do things God’s way, by following Jesus, we are successful.

When a situation, difficulty or hindrance attempts to stop us, Jesus has a way around it. There are no alternative or better ways. His way is THE WAY to victory. Whenever we find ourselves parked in a dead end place we must reverse back to the last thing God clearly spoke to us. Then, recalculate our future from that point by following Jesus all the way to the Father & victory.

This week lets not allow anything to stop us or slow us down. Let’s get a good hold on our future. Lets make choices to follow Jesus, do things His way, yielding to His directions. Before long we’ll be out of the dead-end places of life and be closer to our victory than ever before.

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Follow The Light…

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“I am the light of the world.
No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.
I provide plenty of light to live in.”
John 8:12

Have you ever stumbled around in the night looking for a light switch? It’s hard not to bang & bump into things that can’t be seen. It’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is and so much noise is produced that everyone is woken up. If only there was a small amount of light things would become so much easier. Once we have some light things becomes visible and are easily found. Peace & tranquility return quickly.

This week’s verse lets us know the value of having true light in our lives. Jesus reminds us that He is this light to everyone. Without Jesus people will clumsily stumble around in darkness trying to find their own way through life. With Jesus we’re guaranteed there’s no stumbling, no darkness & plenty of light. Following Jesus means we can live our lives His way: productive, purposeful and with peace & tranquility.

There is plenty of light for our lives when we follow Jesus. There are no dark places where His light cannot shine & overcome [John 1:5]. His light never leaves or abandons us [Hebrews 13:5]. His light shines through our lives causing others to glorify God in Heaven [Matthew 5:16].

So, this week lets not stumble around in darkness. Let’s take this powerful promise from Jesus & enter fully into His Life of true light. By following Him & what He says in His Word, we’ll become sure-footed & stable. Our future will be visible. The road ahead will become more productive & purposeful filling up with His peace & tranquility.

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