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Fill Me Up…

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Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, Then you will overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Have you ever pulled up to a petrol bowser, noticed the price and decided to put $20 in rather than filling up? If someone else had been paying it would’ve been a different story. We would have filled up without a second thought. The personal cost drove our decision rather than the benefits of enjoying a full tank of fuel.

Todays verse lets us know that NOW is the time to fill up. We are to fill up with JOY & PEACE knowing it’s not going to cost us a cent. The God of HOPE is paying. He’s going to fill us up until we’re full. All we have to do is TRUST IN HIM and it’s done. Then we’re able to continue on life’s journey with a full tank and all the benefits that delivers.

Our verse continues on to say that when we’re filled up with JOY & PEACE the Holy Spirit causes us to overflow with HOPE. This means each time we TRUST God in any situation, circumstance or issue, He’ll fill us up. Once we commence moving forward again our HOPE is ignited by Holy Ghost power and we explode with God’s future, promise & purpose.

This week lets trust God with the most broken & painful parts of our lives. Lets allow Him to fill us up with JOY and PEACE concerning them. Then as we continue forward on life’s path the Holy Spirit will ignite HOPE and we’ll be turbocharged into our future. We’ll leave our past with all its dysfunctions & problems and we’ll be speeding along life’s freeway to our future.

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Prime Time…

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When we were utterly helpless,
Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.
Romans 5:6

The difference between telling a good joke & a bad one is often the comedian’s sense of timing. If they get the timing wrong they kill the joke. Get it right & it’ll be a huge success. The only difference is the timing. Right timing causes a drastic different & a successful end.

Today’s verse reminds us about the perfect timing of God. We’re reminded that Jesus came to die for us at the very lowest point of mankind. He came at the point when we were utterly helpless. He came at the pivotal time that could turn everything around for all mankind. It may not have looked like perfect timing but it was.

Sometimes in life we can feel utterly helpless, especially when nothing seems to be going right. Everything we do, say, or touch seems to make things worse. When we’re feeling like this, it’s simply the prime time to let Jesus help. His death & resurrection gave us miracle-working power. This power works to change our helplessness for His success & our past for His future.

This weekend we’ve been celebrating Easter; the death & resurrection of Jesus. Easter is the prime time to get Jesus involved in every helpless situations we’re experiencing. It’s the prime time to releases miracle-working power into the helpless areas of our lives. It’s simply accomplished by praying & asking Jesus to help. He’ll ensure He’s there at the prime time that will turn everything around.

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The Other Side…

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“Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” Luke 8:22, Mark 4:35

There was no mention of storms. There was no mention of thunder, lightning or winds. The words danger, fear or perils were never uttered. Jesus simply said what they were doing & they all set out together. It wasn’t until they were well into their journey that everything changed. It bothered the disciples but it didn’t faze Jesus. He was comfortable, resting and unaffected by the storm because He knew their destination.

Today’s verse reminds us that our destination is far more precious than the journey taken to get there. Few believers, if any, ever know what storms will occur along their voyage to destiny. When we hear God’s still small voice saying “Let’s…” we simply set off on the journey with Him. Then as we experience our first storm we stop looking to the destination and become transfixed by all the current events.

Jesus reaction to the storm holds a valuable key to our future. Jesus didn’t allow what was happening around him to determine His destiny and neither should we. The storms that life brings are often violent & unsettling but the don’t last forever. They simply try to take our focus so they can steal our destiny. If we stand up to the storms like Jesus did they’ll silence, settle & die down quickly.

This week let’s remind ourselves about the destiny that God has spoken to us. Lets reconnect with the things He’s ordained for our future. Let’s keep these at the very forefront of our mind. Then whenever skirmishes & storms rise up in our lives we’ll be able to calm them down, stay focused & keep journeying to our destination.

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Cheer Up…

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“Anxiety weighs a person down but an
ENCOURAGING WORD cheers a person up.”
Proverbs 12:25

Has anyone ever spoken a few words to you that have simply made your day? A few words that have lifted, encouraged & strengthened you when everything else looked bleak. We can make a huge difference in someone else’s life simply by speaking a few well-chosen & uplifting words. A few kind words can really make someone’s day.

Todays verse reminds us about the effect of speaking encouraging words. We understand that the words we speak are powerful. They are vessels carrying either life or death [Proverbs 18:21]. What we speak can influence someone for years to come. Destructive words will cut & wound deeply. Encouraging words will lift & help someone make it through their day, week & year.

Don’t underestimate the impact that our words have. Be on the lookout for people who need encouragement. Look for those who seem heavy, worried or anxious. Tell them what God’s Word says about them [Jeremiah 29:11]. Let them know things will change. Share the good news of the gospel for a great future. Lift their day with a few well-chosen & encouraging words.

This week let’s get passionate about encouraging others. Let’s become the encouragement that someone else needs. Let’s allow the impact of our words to be positive & uplifting. Let’s bring light into their darkness & hope into their hopelessness. It’s all done through the words we share with them. So let choose words that encourage, build & lead to a great future.

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