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In The Middle…

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For where two or three gather in my name,
I am there among them.
Matthew 18:20

Have you ever been tightly seated between people on a plane, train or in a car? No matter how hard we try to keep to ourselves, we still touch someone else. Whether we breathe in or push back the result is the same; we’re touching. Everyone is aware of it and this closeness remains until the destination is reached.

Today’s verse describes a tight situation that we want to be in. Jesus said that whenever we get together in His Name He’s going to be the man in the middle. He’s going to be the one touching everyone else. He’s going to remain in touch until our destination is reached. No matter how near or how far it is, Jesus is going to be in the middle until it’s changed.

Some believers miss out on their breakthrough because they stubbornly refuse to join with others in agreement & pray. Whenever we come together in His Name we receive an amazing & powerful promise. Jesus enters into the very middle of our situation. He touches every part & person involved. He stays there until it is fully worked through and everyone has headed off to their futures.

This week, let’s grab someone else to agree with us in prayer. It matters little how major or minor our need is, Jesus wants to be involved. He wants to be tightly seated in the middle of every situation. He wants us to surround Him while He reaches out to touch every other part. In no time at all He’ll bring change to our futures as He transforms our tomorrow into a vibrant & exciting new day.

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Never Alone…

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God, your God, is with you every step you take.”
Joshua 1:9b

What scares people the most? Terrorism? Cancer? Death? Unemployment? There are plenty of things that could top the fear list but the number one thing seems to be loneliness. 6 out of every 10 people say they often feel lonely. 1/3 of these have little help to get past their feelings. Loneliness can be like a prison cell, a prison cell we’re not meant to be in.

Todays verse reminds us that we are never alone. Every day, every step of the way, God is with us. He doesn’t leave us [Hebrews 13:5], even if our journey gets difficult, distasteful or painful. He is with us step, by step, by step. He helps us forward into a better & more prosperous future.

Now, in the earlier part of our verse, we discover some keys to breaking through. The believer is reminded to remain strong & courageous. We’re to confidently let go of the prison bars of fear & discouragement that contain us. We must break out & realize that God is ready to walk us into our future. He’ll be there every step of the way so we will never be alone.

This week is a week to break free. No matter what fears & discouragements we may be facing let’s not isolate ourselves. Let’s be strong & courageous instead. Let’s break out and step into our future. Let’s remember that God, our God; the one who called everything we see into place [Hebrews 11:3], is with us every step of the way. He’ll walk us through to a victory that is far beyond what we could even ask or imagine. [Ephesians 3:20]

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Don’t Fake It…

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“Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it”
Romans 12:10

A fake banknote is worthless when compared to the genuine. The same goes for artwork, jewellery, fashion or brand name items. If they’re not the genuine articles then they’re fakes. If they’re fake they don’t have value. Without value they are worthless. The key is in discerning the real from the fake; the valuable from the worthless.

Today’s verse lets us know how to be genuine towards each other. We’re simply told not to fake our love. We’re to let our love flow from the very center of who we are. There’s no need to manufacture & force our love towards others. We should simply allow it to flow. When we do this others will quickly discern that it is true love and not a cheap imitation.

Many people continually hold up a facade or mask trying to hide their true self. They keep portraying a fake version hoping others won’t notice. But fakes are easily noticed. To be genuine we must be vulnerable. To be vulnerable we must allow God’s love (the love that’s deep inside of us), to genuinely flow to those around us.

This week let’s ensure that we are the genuine articles. Let’s put down our mask and allow the love of God to simply flow out. Let’s ensure that those around us aren’t being duped by a fake. Let’s allow them to feel the value & worth of our true love. It’s the love that flows from the very center of who we are.

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On Fire…

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“Didn’t we feel on fire as Jesus conversed with us on the road,
as he opened up the Scriptures for us?”
Luke 24:32

Have you ever stopped to watch a skilled hand start a fire? They methodically lay wood, bark & paper ready for ignition. As soon as they apply a flame it quickly catches and with a few breathes of air the fire is soon alight. What simply started as a single flame soon spreads to become a warming blaze. If we continue to feed the fire it’ll become a raging inferno.

Today’s verse tells us about a fire that Jesus started. We hear about 2 men who were walking from Emmaus to Jerusalem. As they walked & talked Jesus joined them. They didn’t recognize him but as they talked their hearts caught on fire. Then Jesus explained the scriptures to them and they quickly became raging infernos for the gospel.

It’s very simple to ignite the fire of our hearts. We simply allow Jesus into our lives. We start living life His way rather than our own. Then, as we continue to walk & talk with Him, the Holy Spirit gently blows on the flames. As we continue to fuel our hearts with God’s Word we become a raging inferno of the Gospel of the Good News.

This week let’s not allow the fires of our heart to go cold. Let’s feed that fire instead. Let’s take time to grab some scriptures and really ponder them in our heart. Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to breathe on them and cause them to become an all-consuming fire. In no time at all our single flame will become a warming blaze and then a raging inferno. One that will spread the Good News to everyone we meet.

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Being with YOU…

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“I’ll be with YOU as YOU do this, day after day after day,
right up to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:20

Life seems so much better when we have someone to share it with. It matters little whether we’re traveling, doing our day-to-day work or simply relaxing. To have someone with us makes everything more enjoyable & comfortable. God formed us to be social [Genesis 2:18] knowing that it will help us increase & prosper in our future.

In today’s verse we learn that Jesus wants to be with YOU. He wants to be with YOU through every part of every day. He wants to be with YOU for as long as possible. He doesn’t want to leave YOU. But He says there is something YOU must do to help this happen… it is called “The Great Commission”

The central focus of the great commission is YOU. Jesus instructs YOU to take everything He’s given YOU and use it for Him. YOU must make disciples with it. YOU must baptize with it. YOU must teach God’s way of doing life with it. When YOU do, His promise to YOU will happen. He’ will be with YOU always.

This week lets get closer to Jesus. Let’s take the power & authority He’s given us and lets start using it for others. Let’s make more disciples with it. Lets mark more people through baptism with it. Let’s share how doing things God’s way always brings success. YOU are the one who He commissioned to do this. So don’t wait for someone else to move & do it first. Step out & step up and discover the beauty of having Jesus with YOU day after day after day.

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