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“Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
Whoever looks at the clouds will not reap”
Ecclesiastes 11:4

“Stop daydreaming” were the words that often echoed across the classroom from our schoolteacher. In class it was easy for our minds to drift away. Through the windows were trees to be climbed, hills to be conquered & freedom to be experienced. Our imagination easily took us to those places but the teacher knew exactly how to bring us back to focusing on the necessary task.

Today’s verse helps us to focus our lives. We should always try to pay attention to what God is doing rather than what’s happening around us. If we’re watching & looking at natural circumstances we’ll ultimately achieve very little. But when our eye is focused on God’s Work, we’re sure to achieve more than we can imagine.

It’s unproductive to sit around watching others working but doing nothing ourselves. It’s pointless sitting & staring into nothingness and still expecting great results. If we’re focusing on the wrong things and being unproductive we’ll ultimately receive little. When we stop focusing on the natural & start follow what God is doing, we’ll have future, hope & purpose.

This week let’s watch & look for what God is doing around us. There are God opportunities everywhere and we don’t want to miss them. Even if we’re feeling inadequate, under equipped or insufficient let’s not daydream. Let’s set our focus on God & build a better future with Him.

The message Bible put’s it this way…

Don’t sit there watching the wind. Do your own work.
Don’t stare at the clouds. Get on with your life.

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About That…

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Set your minds on things above, not that which is in The Earth”
Colossians 3:2

Have you ever set an alarm and woken only to discover it’d been set for the wrong time? It’s so frustrating. Now we’re running late & we’ll probably miss our appointment. At the very least we’ll have to rush & race to get to where we’re needed. If we’d taken a little more care & effort we would have set our alarm correctly & everything would have gone smoothly.

Today’s verse lets us know how to set our mind correctly so things go well. We are to think, judge & regulate ourselves according to heavens view rather than what’s happening here on earth. What we see, feel, touch, smell & hear are tangible but temporal. It’s the things we can’t see [Romans 4:17, Hebrews 11:3] that’ll form our future. So if we set our minds by our feelings we’ll take ourselves towards the wrong future.

Our focus needs to be on what’s above. We must ensure that our minds are set on things that’ll count for eternity rather than stuff that’ll rot & rust [Matthew 6:19]. We must live our lives for Godly purposes rather than for selfishness & self gain. When we focus correctly we set our minds to drive our future towards God’s plan & purposes.

This week lets avoid getting wrapped up in the things of this earth. Let’s stop focusing on all the stuff around us that has no eternal value. Instead let’s discover heavens viewpoint, from God’s Word; The Bible. Then let’s set our minds on those things. Let’s see every situation from God’s perspective rather than our own. That way our minds will be set correctly and we’ll be focused on things above today & everyday.

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Need Some Help…

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If God hadn’t been there for me, I never would have made it.
Psalm 94:17

If only life was like the movies!!! In the movies just when everything is at its worst, the superhero zooms in and saves the day. No matter how bad things were getting, he was right on time & he never disappointed. The whole theater would erupt with cheers of celebration as good prevailed over bad.

Today’s verse let’s us know about our superhero; that is our God. It explains the glorious timing of God in our lives. We’re reminded that He will always be there for us. He is continually helping us no matter how bad things appear. Even when our life seems to be at its very lowest point, He is there helping. He ensures that we make it through every impossible circumstance.

Jehovah Ezer; The Lord my help [Psalm 33:20] is one of the majestic names of God. This name describes a unique & specific part of God’s character. He is always ready to help us & He’ll intervene in our lives to ensure we make it through. Our responsibility is to acknowledge Him in this. We are to be thankful for His help just like the psalmist in today’s verse. We are to know that we can’t make it without God helping us.

This week lets get that help. Rather than doing life our own way let’s allow Jehovah Ezer to help us through. Lets take time to ask God to intervene in every impossible & difficult area of our life. Let’s ensure we’re living life God’s way, expecting God’s results. God wants to deliver us into a magnificent future. One that’s abundantly filled with His hope & joy. The future that God wants to help us get into!

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Missed Steps…

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“It is dangerous to have zeal without knowledge
Proverbs 19:2

Have you ever been racing down a set of stairs only to miss one? At best we stumble & recover. At worst we tumble, fall & do enduring damage to ourselves. If we’d only slowed up, even a little; we wouldn’t have had this result. Sure people came and helped. Sure in time we healed. But if we’d slowed down & made sure we had a good footing we could’ve had a much better outcome.

Today’s verse alerts us to take care and not to miss a step. King David is reminding us that zeal & enthusiasm can cause us to run speedily & recklessly ahead. Often ignoring the impending consequences. When we move too fast it becomes easy to miss a step, stumble and do ourselves harm. But when we add knowledge to our zeal we become surefooted, stable & secure.

Knowledge is easy to gain but it does take time. Knowledge can be sourced from those around us or from books & teaching. The most valuable knowledge is found in God’s Word, The Bible. When we use this manual for life, we obtain wisdom, knowledge & understanding for our journey ahead. With this knowledge we can move enthusiastically forward knowing we won’t stumble, fall or bring harm.

This week let’s add some knowledge to our zeal. Whatever area of life we’re excited about will always benefit from the knowledge & wisdom found in God’s Word. Once we arm ourselves with this we can start moving forward with excitement. Whether we are climbing or descending life’s steps, we’ll be able to move faster. We’ll be sure footed on the firm foundation of God’s word.

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