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Yes That Hurt…

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“It’s your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words”
Matthew 12:36

When visiting the doctor because of pain it never fails that they press on the sore spot saying “Does that hurt?” … “Ouch!!! Yes it does thank you very much!” It’s not the doctors who are the cause the pain they simply exposed it. The cause of the pain is the damage beneath that can’t be seen but can surely be felt.

Today’s verse helps us discover the source of some pain we’ve felt in our lives. This pain comes from words that others have spoken to us. Words that seemed innocent at the time but for some reason penetrated deeply. It wasn’t the meaning of the words that hurt…. it was the heart that delivered them. A bad heart causes words to pierce, bruise & cause pain.

Some of the sweetest and most lovely folk I’ve known have spoken some of the most destructive & damaging words I’ve heard. It’s the heart, not the dictionary meaning of the words, that destroys. If we don’t guard our hearts [Proverbs 4:23] we’ll end up speaking hurtful words to others. That’s something we definitely don’t want to do!

This week lets set our direction to the future. Matthew 12:36 continues saying “A good person produces good deeds and words season after season. An evil person is a blight on the orchard” Let’s make a real effort to speak words that empower, uplift & inspire. Let’s ensure these words are spoken from a great heart. A heart filled with true compassion, grace & mercy. A heart that’s looking to see the best in others & every situation. A heart that builds up and doesn’t pull down [2 Corinthians 10:8].

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Where You Live…

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“The lives of good people are brightly lit streets;
the lives of the wicked are dark alleys”
Proverbs 13:9

There is often something menacing & uncomfortable about dark alleys. They are narrow passages that lead to hidden areas at the backs of buildings. Things are often dumped & hidden in them. With the absence of light there’s no telling what dangers are lurking in them. Dark alleys are not where we’d choose to live. A brightly lit street is a much better option.

Today’s verse reminds us how we are to live our lives. We’re reminded that wicked peoples lives are dark alleys. Their lives are narrow, hidden and messy. The absence of light makes them perilous & filled with danger. Our lives, on the other hand, are brightly lit streets. Our lives are places of safety, surety & clear vision. Our lives are bright so danger cannot lurk in them.

We choose where we’ll live our lives. The more light, the more life. We must lift up God’s light so that it shines brightly upon every passageway & avenue of our being. As we are lit up, there are fewer places for danger to hide. Our days become brightly illuminated and our nights glow for a safe passage. Our lives become a brightly lit street.

This week is the time to lift up the light of God in our lives. It’s time to use God’s Word, the Bible, to shine more light on our lives. It’s time to lift His Word above every circumstance & difficulty that we encounter. We must allow it to illuminate the streets of our life so we don’t mistakenly stumble down the dark alleys of destruction. When we choose the brightly lit streets of God we won’t end up in the dark alleys with the wicked.

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You want it…

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“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…”
Matthew 7:12

One of the biggest questions asked in life is “How do I become successful?” This question is asked in business, family & ministry. It’s asked as a partner, parent & child. Any area in which we want to flourish, this question is posed. If we can’t answer it, we cannot increase and obtain the outcome we desire.

Today’s verse answers this question. We become successful by making other people successful. The old corporate saying of “You want it; Go get it” is destructive & unproductive as it is based in greed. The Bible teaches “If you want it; go give it”. It is based in generosity. As we are generous in helping others towards what they desire, we get what we desire.

Luke 6:31 says it this way “Do to others as you would have them do to you” We can’t be the voice of doubt & the bearer of nothing and still believe we’ll achieve our goals. Instead we must empower others to empower ourselves. Helping others to step up & into their destiny will produce more future, hope & joy in our lives than we could ever imagine.

This week is the week to begin the most successful season of your life so far. Let’s start investing whatever is needed for our success into others first. This will take many small sacrifices and some of our valuable time to accomplish. But as their future is empowered so too is our success. As we give, rather than grab, we step into the fullness of the purpose & plan God has prepared for us.

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