Be Bold…

“Do not fear, do not panic.
March out boldly tomorrow – God is with you”
2 Chronicles 20:17

Have you ever typed a paper and used some bold type to make an idea stand out? Bold type makes something ordinary become stronger and a little bigger. When used correctly it emphasizes & attracts attention from the reader. Without it, a valuable part of the text my not be seen, noticed or be as effective as it should.

Today’s verse reminds us how we should live our lives now that God is with us. We’re reminded not to live in fear. Fear is when we’re continually looking for danger, pain & harm. Neither should we live in a state of panic. Panic is simply fear growing wild in our lives. Instead, we’re instructed to be BOLD. We’re meant to start every day with Godly boldness.

Whenever we commence our day a little stronger and a little bolder than the day before, fear & panic becomes a little weaker. Fear & panic begins to shrink, fade and be erased from our day-to-day life. When we’re a little stronger and a little bolder we emphasize & attract attention that’ll cause us to move forward into a fabulous future. [Ephesians 3:20]

This week, let’s become a little stronger and bolder. Let’s remind ourselves that God is always with us. Then start tomorrow by marching into the day boldly. If fear or panic rise up let’s speak to it by saying: “I do not fear, I do not panic, God is with me” As we become bolder, fear & panic become weaker. Every day that we’re bold in our God is a day closer to receiving the prize [Philippians 3:14].