Don’t Fake It…

“Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it”
Romans 12:10

A fake banknote is worthless when compared to the genuine. The same goes for artwork, jewellery, fashion or brand name items. If they’re not the genuine articles then they’re fakes. If they’re fake they don’t have value. Without value they are worthless. The key is in discerning the real from the fake; the valuable from the worthless.

Today’s verse lets us know how to be genuine towards each other. We’re simply told not to fake our love. We’re to let our love flow from the very center of who we are. There’s no need to manufacture & force our love towards others. We should simply allow it to flow. When we do this others will quickly discern that it is true love and not a cheap imitation.

Many people continually hold up a facade or mask trying to hide their true self. They keep portraying a fake version hoping others won’t notice. But fakes are easily noticed. To be genuine we must be vulnerable. To be vulnerable we must allow God’s love (the love that’s deep inside of us), to genuinely flow to those around us.

This week let’s ensure that we are the genuine articles. Let’s put down our mask and allow the love of God to simply flow out. Let’s ensure that those around us aren’t being duped by a fake. Let’s allow them to feel the value & worth of our true love. It’s the love that flows from the very center of who we are.