In The Middle…

For where two or three gather in my name,
I am there among them.
Matthew 18:20

Have you ever been tightly seated between people on a plane, train or in a car? No matter how hard we try to keep to ourselves, we still touch someone else. Whether we breathe in or push back the result is the same; we’re touching. Everyone is aware of it and this closeness remains until the destination is reached.

Today’s verse describes a tight situation that we want to be in. Jesus said that whenever we get together in His Name He’s going to be the man in the middle. He’s going to be the one touching everyone else. He’s going to remain in touch until our destination is reached. No matter how near or how far it is, Jesus is going to be in the middle until it’s changed.

Some believers miss out on their breakthrough because they stubbornly refuse to join with others in agreement & pray. Whenever we come together in His Name we receive an amazing & powerful promise. Jesus enters into the very middle of our situation. He touches every part & person involved. He stays there until it is fully worked through and everyone has headed off to their futures.

This week, let’s grab someone else to agree with us in prayer. It matters little how major or minor our need is, Jesus wants to be involved. He wants to be tightly seated in the middle of every situation. He wants us to surround Him while He reaches out to touch every other part. In no time at all He’ll bring change to our futures as He transforms our tomorrow into a vibrant & exciting new day.