Missed Steps…

“It is dangerous to have zeal without knowledge
Proverbs 19:2

Have you ever been racing down a set of stairs only to miss one? At best we stumble & recover. At worst we tumble, fall & do enduring damage to ourselves. If we’d only slowed up, even a little; we wouldn’t have had this result. Sure people came and helped. Sure in time we healed. But if we’d slowed down & made sure we had a good footing we could’ve had a much better outcome.

Today’s verse alerts us to take care and not to miss a step. King David is reminding us that zeal & enthusiasm can cause us to run speedily & recklessly ahead. Often ignoring the impending consequences. When we move too fast it becomes easy to miss a step, stumble and do ourselves harm. But when we add knowledge to our zeal we become surefooted, stable & secure.

Knowledge is easy to gain but it does take time. Knowledge can be sourced from those around us or from books & teaching. The most valuable knowledge is found in God’s Word, The Bible. When we use this manual for life, we obtain wisdom, knowledge & understanding for our journey ahead. With this knowledge we can move enthusiastically forward knowing we won’t stumble, fall or bring harm.

This week let’s add some knowledge to our zeal. Whatever area of life we’re excited about will always benefit from the knowledge & wisdom found in God’s Word. Once we arm ourselves with this we can start moving forward with excitement. Whether we are climbing or descending life’s steps, we’ll be able to move faster. We’ll be sure footed on the firm foundation of God’s word.