On Fire…

“Didn’t we feel on fire as Jesus conversed with us on the road,
as he opened up the Scriptures for us?”
Luke 24:32

Have you ever stopped to watch a skilled hand start a fire? They methodically lay wood, bark & paper ready for ignition. As soon as they apply a flame it quickly catches and with a few breathes of air the fire is soon alight. What simply started as a single flame soon spreads to become a warming blaze. If we continue to feed the fire it’ll become a raging inferno.

Today’s verse tells us about a fire that Jesus started. We hear about 2 men who were walking from Emmaus to Jerusalem. As they walked & talked Jesus joined them. They didn’t recognize him but as they talked their hearts caught on fire. Then Jesus explained the scriptures to them and they quickly became raging infernos for the gospel.

It’s very simple to ignite the fire of our hearts. We simply allow Jesus into our lives. We start living life His way rather than our own. Then, as we continue to walk & talk with Him, the Holy Spirit gently blows on the flames. As we continue to fuel our hearts with God’s Word we become a raging inferno of the Gospel of the Good News.

This week let’s not allow the fires of our heart to go cold. Let’s feed that fire instead. Let’s take time to grab some scriptures and really ponder them in our heart. Let’s invite the Holy Spirit to breathe on them and cause them to become an all-consuming fire. In no time at all our single flame will become a warming blaze and then a raging inferno. One that will spread the Good News to everyone we meet.