Press Back…

I press on toward…
Philippians 3:14

Have you ever walked against the wind? As we press into the wind it resists us. It presses back on us. The harder we push, the greater it seems to press back against us. If we turn around and go with the wind it simply returns us to where we’ve already been. It may be easier to go with the wind but it won’t allow us to arrive at our destination. It won’t allow us to reach the place where we really need to be.

In today’s verse Paul talks about the necessity of pressing on, even when resistance is met. Anytime we do something in God that’ll build our future, the enemy automatically presses back. It’s just like walking against the wind. The more we press in the harder he presses back. He presses back against the prophetic words we’ve received. He presses back against the revelation, favor or promise we’ve decided to walk in. Anything we do in God causes the enemy to inevitably press back against it.

So why not be prepared? Why not expect the enemies press back whenever we push forward into our future in God. Let’s not allow it to surprise us again. Let’s not allow ourselves to be turned around & returned to our miserable pasts. Let’s press on & press in to the future of promise, hope & favor that God’s setup for us. When we don’t give up, give in or turn around, we inevitably enter the fullness of what God has prepared for us.

This week let’s make a decision to stand firm. Our future is so valuable that the enemy will try everything he can to gain control over it. So let’s put a stop to it by submitting to God & resisting the enemy [James 4:7]. The devil’s press back should cause us to press up into the higher things of God. The devil’s press back should cause us to reach greater heights than we ever thought possible. Don’t be pushed around… Stand firm instead!!!