Prime Time…

When we were utterly helpless,
Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.
Romans 5:6

The difference between telling a good joke & a bad one is often the comedian’s sense of timing. If they get the timing wrong they kill the joke. Get it right & it’ll be a huge success. The only difference is the timing. Right timing causes a drastic different & a successful end.

Today’s verse reminds us about the perfect timing of God. We’re reminded that Jesus came to die for us at the very lowest point of mankind. He came at the point when we were utterly helpless. He came at the pivotal time that could turn everything around for all mankind. It may not have looked like perfect timing but it was.

Sometimes in life we can feel utterly helpless, especially when nothing seems to be going right. Everything we do, say, or touch seems to make things worse. When we’re feeling like this, it’s simply the prime time to let Jesus help. His death & resurrection gave us miracle-working power. This power works to change our helplessness for His success & our past for His future.

This weekend we’ve been celebrating Easter; the death & resurrection of Jesus. Easter is the prime time to get Jesus involved in every helpless situations we’re experiencing. It’s the prime time to releases miracle-working power into the helpless areas of our lives. It’s simply accomplished by praying & asking Jesus to help. He’ll ensure He’s there at the prime time that will turn everything around.