That Place…

He named that place Bethel [House of God]
Genesis 28:19

Every place has a name. Place names are significant. Place names are anchored to locations, labeling & describing them. They serve as markers concerning their history & happenings. Once a place has a name it becomes very difficult to change it.

Todays verse let’s us know about a place that Jacob named. Jacob was on the run & ended up in the middle of nowhere, sleeping on a rock having a God dream filled with promise. It was a dream that would stay with him forever. After the experience Jacob named that place Bethel, The House of God. It was a place where Jacob encountered God. It was a place that God promised to return him to continually [Genesis 28:15].

God gave Jacob that place; in the same way He gives every believer a place. It is the House of God, His Church. It is a place where we’ll encounter God. It is a place that God will continually return us to. It is a place where He’ll stick with us, protect us & fulfill every promise to us. [Genesis 28:13-15]. Jacob said that God’s House is “Incredible. Wonderful. Holy.” [Genesis 28:17] He said it is “The Gateway of Heaven.” [Genesis 28:17]

This week let’s get back into the House of God… your Local Church. It’s time to enter that place where God can protect & fulfill every one of His promises. It’s time to realize how truly incredible, wonderful & Holy the Church is. Let’s not allow pride, arrogance or pain to stop us from entering God’s House. It is created deliberately so that we can flourish [Psalm 92:13]. So why not let your dreams begin this week by being a part of your Local Church.