The Other Side…

“Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” Luke 8:22, Mark 4:35

There was no mention of storms. There was no mention of thunder, lightning or winds. The words danger, fear or perils were never uttered. Jesus simply said what they were doing & they all set out together. It wasn’t until they were well into their journey that everything changed. It bothered the disciples but it didn’t faze Jesus. He was comfortable, resting and unaffected by the storm because He knew their destination.

Today’s verse reminds us that our destination is far more precious than the journey taken to get there. Few believers, if any, ever know what storms will occur along their voyage to destiny. When we hear God’s still small voice saying “Let’s…” we simply set off on the journey with Him. Then as we experience our first storm we stop looking to the destination and become transfixed by all the current events.

Jesus reaction to the storm holds a valuable key to our future. Jesus didn’t allow what was happening around him to determine His destiny and neither should we. The storms that life brings are often violent & unsettling but the don’t last forever. They simply try to take our focus so they can steal our destiny. If we stand up to the storms like Jesus did they’ll silence, settle & die down quickly.

This week let’s remind ourselves about the destiny that God has spoken to us. Lets reconnect with the things He’s ordained for our future. Let’s keep these at the very forefront of our mind. Then whenever skirmishes & storms rise up in our lives we’ll be able to calm them down, stay focused & keep journeying to our destination.