Want to Hear Something….

“Are your ears awake? Listen.”
The Words of Jesus
Revelations 2:7,11,17,29 / 3:6,13,22

Did you ever think you were having a conversation with someone only to hear them say “What was that?” It’s frustrating, it’s annoying & it can be slightly discouraging. Instead of focusing on the dialog, they were distracted. Instead of hearing what was spoken, they missed it. Instead of listening & focusing their ears were actually asleep.

Today’s verse reminds us to do something if we actually want to hear. Jesus repeats 7 times that we must wake up to listen. Too often people allow their ears to only hear the seductive lullabies of the enemy. They know it’s not right. If only they’d wake up & listen they’d actually hear the truth. If they heard then they’d have to do something. Many simply don’t want to do anything so they just stay asleep.

When we are awake not only are our ears open but our eyes can focus as well. We begin to hear from heaven as see what needs to be done. This allows our mind to become alert. When our mind is alert we can undertake everything we need to accomplish everything heaven speaks. When we stay asleep we miss out.

Today is our day to wake up & listen. Today is our day to hear what heaven is saying and act upon it. This week, let’s take time to focus on God & His Word so we hear clearly what heaven is saying. As we focus on God’s truth the noise of this world will be drowned out. We will do what needs to be done & we’ll receive the rewards promised from being awake & listening.