Where You Live…

“The lives of good people are brightly lit streets;
the lives of the wicked are dark alleys”
Proverbs 13:9

There is often something menacing & uncomfortable about dark alleys. They are narrow passages that lead to hidden areas at the backs of buildings. Things are often dumped & hidden in them. With the absence of light there’s no telling what dangers are lurking in them. Dark alleys are not where we’d choose to live. A brightly lit street is a much better option.

Today’s verse reminds us how we are to live our lives. We’re reminded that wicked peoples lives are dark alleys. Their lives are narrow, hidden and messy. The absence of light makes them perilous & filled with danger. Our lives, on the other hand, are brightly lit streets. Our lives are places of safety, surety & clear vision. Our lives are bright so danger cannot lurk in them.

We choose where we’ll live our lives. The more light, the more life. We must lift up God’s light so that it shines brightly upon every passageway & avenue of our being. As we are lit up, there are fewer places for danger to hide. Our days become brightly illuminated and our nights glow for a safe passage. Our lives become a brightly lit street.

This week is the time to lift up the light of God in our lives. It’s time to use God’s Word, the Bible, to shine more light on our lives. It’s time to lift His Word above every circumstance & difficulty that we encounter. We must allow it to illuminate the streets of our life so we don’t mistakenly stumble down the dark alleys of destruction. When we choose the brightly lit streets of God we won’t end up in the dark alleys with the wicked.

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