You want it…

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…”
Matthew 7:12

One of the biggest questions asked in life is “How do I become successful?” This question is asked in business, family & ministry. It’s asked as a partner, parent & child. Any area in which we want to flourish, this question is posed. If we can’t answer it, we cannot increase and obtain the outcome we desire.

Today’s verse answers this question. We become successful by making other people successful. The old corporate saying of “You want it; Go get it” is destructive & unproductive as it is based in greed. The Bible teaches “If you want it; go give it”. It is based in generosity. As we are generous in helping others towards what they desire, we get what we desire.

Luke 6:31 says it this way “Do to others as you would have them do to you” We can’t be the voice of doubt & the bearer of nothing and still believe we’ll achieve our goals. Instead we must empower others to empower ourselves. Helping others to step up & into their destiny will produce more future, hope & joy in our lives than we could ever imagine.

This week is the week to begin the most successful season of your life so far. Let’s start investing whatever is needed for our success into others first. This will take many small sacrifices and some of our valuable time to accomplish. But as their future is empowered so too is our success. As we give, rather than grab, we step into the fullness of the purpose & plan God has prepared for us.