Spring Cleaning…

Psalm 119:11 “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I may not sin against You”

Have you ever been “spring cleaning” only to find an old wallet or purse? When you open it up there’s a little money hidden inside. You’d forgotten all about it but nonetheless it was safely stored away awaiting your discovery. It felt great to find that money.

Today’s verse reminds us of something we should be hiding in our heart like we hide money in a wallet. We’re told to cover, hoard and reserve God’s Word in our heart so that it brings protection. Whenever we hide His Word in our heart we’re enabling it to become a part of our today and also to form our tomorrow. When God’s Word is in our heart it protects us from sin.

God’s Word only gets into our heart if we put it there. Putting it there involves reading, speaking & remembering it. As we speak God’s Word out aloud our ears will hear it and it will go into our heart. As we keep pondering on it, praying about it and speaking it out it’ll go even deeper.

This week let’s change our future by hiding more of God’s Word in our hearts. Even if it’s only a single verse this week lets get it into our heart. Once it’s there it’ll stop us from sinning and will begin to change our future. God’s future for you is powerful so hide His Word in your heart and let His protection surround you today.