It’s Possible…

Luke 1:35 The Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the Highest hover over you

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus let’s learn a great lesson from this verse. Mary has just asked the messenger angel how she can bear a child seeing as she had never slept with a man. The angel’s reply is this verse and it describes how the miracle working power of our God can change the impossible into the possible.

Mary’s situation was certainly impossible. She was a virgin, she was unmarried and she’d never slept with a man. What the angel was telling her was naturally impossibility. We soon see that when God speaks all things become possible. Mary response to the angel was “Let it be with me just as you say.” [Luke 1:38]

God clearly had a plan & a purpose that needed to come forth on the earth. It was going to take both the presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of God plus the agreement of Mary to enable the impossible to become possible. We know that’s exactly what happened!

So, what’s the impossible thing you’re facing at the moment? What has God spoken that has no natural way of ever occurring? It doesn’t matter how major or minor the situation is simply apply God’s promises to it and it can become filled with possibility.

Here’s how…
1] Invite the Holy Spirit into the situation
2] Allow the power of God to enter in and work
3] Agree with God’s Word concerning the outcome

It wasn’t an easy journey for Mary to see the impossible become possible but she saw it. As we apply God’s Word to our situations we too will see possibility where it never existed before.