Never Get Bored…

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” Ecclesiastes 9:10

Have you ever become bored and lost interest in what you’re meant to be doing? As children this happened easily especially over the long summer school breaks. Boredom would cause us to become weary & restless having little interest in anything besides complaining. But when we applied effort, thought and ingenuity to what we could do, we’d no longer be bored. We’d actually end up having a great time full of fun, energy and memories

Today’s verse from Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is always something for us to do. If we ever find ourselves in a state of boredom it’s because we’re living for ourselves when we ought to be living for God. When we live for Him and exert effort into His Kingdom there’s always a return. Today’s verse says we’re to put ALL our might into doing things not just some might. The reason is that we’ll get out what we put in.

Now, we can’t expect to achieve extraordinary results from average effort. It’s not necessary for us to possess some magnificent ability, talent or skill. We don’t have to be rich, poor or middle-of-the-road. What we must do is simply see a need and be willing to fill it. We’re not meant to fill it with just average effort. We’re to fill it with all our might knowing that extraordinary results will occur.

This week, rather than winging & complaining about life, work, family & Church let’s apply our maximum effort into bringing Godly change that will help build His Kingdom. When we obediently exert this effort we can expect a great return. It’ll be a return that we can enjoy because it’s filled with fun, energy and memories.