About That…

Set your minds on things above, not that which is in The Earth”
Colossians 3:2

Have you ever set an alarm and woken only to discover it’d been set for the wrong time? It’s so frustrating. Now we’re running late & we’ll probably miss our appointment. At the very least we’ll have to rush & race to get to where we’re needed. If we’d taken a little more care & effort we would have set our alarm correctly & everything would have gone smoothly.

Today’s verse lets us know how to set our mind correctly so things go well. We are to think, judge & regulate ourselves according to heavens view rather than what’s happening here on earth. What we see, feel, touch, smell & hear are tangible but temporal. It’s the things we can’t see [Romans 4:17, Hebrews 11:3] that’ll form our future. So if we set our minds by our feelings we’ll take ourselves towards the wrong future.

Our focus needs to be on what’s above. We must ensure that our minds are set on things that’ll count for eternity rather than stuff that’ll rot & rust [Matthew 6:19]. We must live our lives for Godly purposes rather than for selfishness & self gain. When we focus correctly we set our minds to drive our future towards God’s plan & purposes.

This week lets avoid getting wrapped up in the things of this earth. Let’s stop focusing on all the stuff around us that has no eternal value. Instead let’s discover heavens viewpoint, from God’s Word; The Bible. Then let’s set our minds on those things. Let’s see every situation from God’s perspective rather than our own. That way our minds will be set correctly and we’ll be focused on things above today & everyday.