A Little Further…

“Going a little further, He fell on his face and prayed”
Matthew 26:39

Sometimes in life it feels like we hit our limit. We feel like we can’t move forward any further. We mistakenly stand still, looking about, rather than focusing on moving forward. Stopping in life gets us nowhere. When we do something, even something small & seemingly insignificant, we start moving out of our rut and into our future.

Today’s verse encourages us to ignore our feeling and get moving. We’re not being challenged to change the world in a day. We simply need to move forward A LITTLE FURTHER. This enables us to reach our breakthrough just like Jesus. He knew that accomplishing the will of His Father would mean going A LITTLE FURTHER. He went that little further & He received His breakthrough.

Even when life seems difficult, impossible or even futile, breakthrough comes as we go A LITTLE FURTHER. Rather than desiring our comfort let’s summons up our obedience to move forward on God’s Word and step into our future. Our promised rewards are always ahead of us but if we never go A LITTLE FURTHER, we’ll never reach them in our lives. Our hidden strength to accomplish God’s will is to go A LITTLE FURTHER.

This week as we go A LITTLE FURTHER let’s remember to do exactly was Jesus did. He went A LITTLE FURTHER then He stopped and He PRAYED. PRAYER connects us to the Father allowing the plans of heaven to invade our world. When this happens confusion ceases, spiritual strength is revived and we are closer than ever to our heavenly rewards & goals.