Our Coach…

“I will INSTRUCT you & TEACH you in the way you should go”
Psalm 32:8

A coach is someone who trains, tutors & instructs us to reach our potential. They push us a little further than we’re comfortable with. They have us stay in places a little longer than we think we should. A good coach will mentor & grow us into what is possible rather than what is comfortable.

Today’s verse let’s us know that God is our coach and He’s the best coach ever! He doesn’t have us running laps for no reason. He doesn’t yell at us to make us feel terrible. He INSTRUCTS & TEACHES us in the way that we should go. He continually keeps his eye on us never wanting us to escape His sight. God is constantly concerned about our future.

As we move forward in the purpose and plans of heaven our coach is hard at work. He counsels, guides, directs, advises & warns us every step of the way. He makes us spiritually strong. He molds our future into heavens eternal plan. He does it all without taking His eyes from us. He takes our impossibilities and transforms them into the possible.

This week let’s connect with our coach. Let’s get ready to spiritually workout with God. Some of the stubborn things in our lives that won’t seem to change are about to be transformed. As we allow God, as our coach, to counsel, guide, direct, advise & warn, things will begin to transform & change. What was uncomfortable in the past will change to produce a better, stronger future. A future that’s really worth living.